Friday, November 2, 2012

Black Ball, Ipoh.

Just as I noticed ShareTea has opened its branch in GreenTown, Blackball out of nowhere also joined in the league to smash the dominance of Chatime in Ipoh. Chatime has opened its 4th outlet in Well, it’s about time as Each A Cup and the pirated SnowDream failed in being a formidable match. BlackBall is a combination of Taiwanese desserts and also their signature pearl drinks. That means double the carcinogenic risk since you have both choices under the same roof.

I had their recommended Black Ball dessert – which has items like Taro Balls, cubes of real yam, sweet potato, black pearls, grass jelly, red bean. You can have it in 3 options - HOT, COLD, ICE. I'm not sure the exact difference of the 3 as the cashier is not friendly at all. He is giving you a stern look and expect you to place your orders and not ask any questions. So much for hospitality huh? Let's see how long this fame could last him...

3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea is a similar drink I had it in KL. It has 3 “toppings” – black pearls, aloe vera and jelly. I had my Winter Melon Tea with Jade Jelly. The jelly is surprisingly sourish, a bit similar to the yellow jelly used in Wan Tau Long (Ai Yee Ice/Ai Yuk Bing). It was somehow quite refreshing and a good thirst quencher as it is not from those milky or sweet series of drinks
 Drinks here are mostly in 700cc size (big cup) ranging from RM4.90 onwards. Desserts are RM6.90 onwards per bowl. You can opt for additional topping from RM1 per portion. Another copy cat of Snowflakes I reckon. The "UFO" beeps when your order is ready. No newer idea?? > <

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