Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shin Yee bday @ TGIF, Pavillion, KL

It was an early birthday celebration for Shin Yee this year. And we managed to give her a surprise bday bash. It all started when Thean Seng suggested we meet up for KFC, cause we have the Tuesday discount card.
Past 5.30pm, I do not know how to play along with excuses to call off the KFC dinner. Thanks to co-organiser Lei Yi who buy time saying that she wanna sleep till 6.30pm. Anyway our plan worked, just as long bday gal do not order the delivery chapfan that evening. And off we headed to..... TGI Fridays at The Pavillion KL. It was bday gal, ShinYee's first time going to the Pavillion, despite staying in KL.
It was my first time dining in TGIF too. Well, the main reason is due to the price of the food. But after stepping in, I do felt a little bit intimidated by the menu. But the Rm29.90 combination for a starter and entree is quite a good deal among the rest offered. I'm definitely bringing my gf to try it soon.... Look at the photos and feel convinced.

The appetisers - Fried Mac and Cheese and Boneless Chicken Wings. The former was rich and satisfying. The fried chicken had slight tinge of sourness, perhaps they used vinegar to marinade it? A mild degree of spiciness to tingle your taste buds too.
A closer look.... If you think you are craving for Macaroni and Cheese in Kenny Rogers, wait till you try this. Seriously melt in your mouth. However, some of my friends thought it was a little too rich, but little do they know what is about to come later....

More cheese among the entrees!!! In the form of Chicken and Shrimp Fettuccine doused in rich creamy cheese sauce. Notice the paprika powder along the side of the dish? Good presentation! Another friend ordered Fish and Chips, which I think, a little 'skema'
And more Cheese.... with the Sizzling Chicken Breast with Cheese. The cheese was nice, instead of onion omelet, imagine thin layer of cheese instead of eggs. Again the chicken breast has a hint of sourness. Vinegar? Lime juice?
Topup RM6 and you are entitled to two mini desserts. Trust me! There are damn mini. Anyway, what else can you get for RM6 in TGIF rite? From top, going clockwise, there is the Mocha Latte, Oreo and Mint, Strawberry Brulee, Snickers Treat.
I'm having a sweet tooth that day. Too bad I have to share the desserts. Hehe.....
After the meal, there is just something missing right?

Bday gal havent get her cake yet. A complimentary slice of Moist Chocolate Cake from TGIF. Only after the bday gal finished delivering her speech, standing on the chair. A big applause to evil mastermind Sin Mei and partners Lei Yi and me for the sudden bday celebration plans! Wooooo......
She must be thinking... "I will definitely remember this humiliation my friends gave me in this memorable bday party". Next, its time for some group photos.....
You see... I'm the thorn among the roses again. Haha....
Instead of a card, we compiled a 'How Well Do You Know Shin Yee' trivia quiz for her. She must be laughing her head out reading our answers to questions like 'What colour of underwear you think suits her?', 'What characteristic should Shin Yee bf possesses?'

One of my dearest sis in KPM, hope you enjoyed the nite. Wish you a happy birthday in advance!! You have been a blessing in our lives and we wanna say a big thank you for being a sincere friend!