Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend in KL

Skies are dark is time for rain. Final call get board the train. Heading for tomorrow KL! (adapted from Gareth Gates - Say It Isn't So)

One way ticket cost RM12 for economical class. The seats and leg room are comfy enough. It's my first train experience and I kinda fancy it due to its convenience and travelling time is independent of traffic jam. We departed at 9am sharp and reached KL Sentral at 11.45am. Faster than expected despite the constant stops at many stations in between.
Introducing the one who will play host to 2 peasants from Ipoh. HeHeHee... although I do consider myself half a KL-ite. This is Shin Yee with her Mango Loh. As planned, we made Kei Tak Zek as our first stop after Shin Yee picked us up from the train station.

It was just a light meal. Total bill came to around RM27 if I'm not mistaken. And these are the goodies they have to offer us. Shanghai styled Chee Cheong Fun. But again, Shanghai famous for Chee Cheong Fun mer? Nevertheless, the dried shrimps complemented well with the sweet sauce. The pic in the middle... this pile of goo is actually Sticky Rice. Glutinous rice wrapping a filling of preserved vege, meat floss and fried batter crumbs, the chilli paste served along side made this a savoury experience to enjoy! Craving for some meat? We ordered a serving of Ji Bao Gai (Paper Wrapped Chicken) to try. A drumstick well marinaded and bursting with ginger tinge as you rip of the flesh! RoaRRr!!!
This is Woh Paeng... or Shanghai Pancake. A delicacy which is used to served alongside your Red Bean Paste/ Longan dessert to wrap up a wedding banquet. Not easily found, especially the good ones, we hoped that this met our expectation but the skin wasn't crispy and crumbly.

Nevertheless, the Woh Paeng went well with the desserts. On my left, Honeydew Sago with Gingko. A small portion, served chilled. It was very refreshing indeed. Close friends will be shocked to learn that I ordered something hot as a drink. I chose the Water Chestnut & Sweet Corn Tong Shui. Abit too sweet to certain people, but yours truly is born with a sweet tooth.

After our lunch, we came across this shop in SS2 which offers solutions to your pprky cravings. The name of the shop is Sambanto. A quick glance at the menu shows various pork based items are offered, ranging for char siu, pork bacon salads, pork burgers, etc. Will definitely try it when I'm in SS2. But before that, we need to slack a little in Shin Yee's place to escape the afternoon heat.
Towards evening, we made our move, and braced the jam in Federal Highway to reach KLCC. Traffic was crawling but it was good catching up in the car. Leather seats are so comfy. KLCC was packed. Body Shop was packed beyond limits as there are some sales going on. Chilli's was full and we couldn't make up our mind on what to have for dinner..... and resorted to high class hawker fare.

The Nasi Lemaks is priced at RM9.80. I opted for the chicken version wheress Shin Yee went for the Ikan and Udang version. The prawn mee was at the same priced, but I enjoyed the single sip of the soup. Flavourful and 'prawny'. I ordered a whole coconut at RM5.80 only to get a 'retired' serving. The flesh is hard and old! The place is so crowded. Wonder if KL people are really earning that much to have a RM10 plate of nasi lemak as if its a daily meal. All this... in Little Penang Cafe.

After a hawker fare dinner, we went to grab some cheap bargains at Isetan on Wasabe Green peas, Lotte Chocolates, Pucca biscuits and Hello Panda. We decided to walk from KLCC to Skybar. Traders Hotel look near from KLCC main entrance. But its further than expected. We didn't know that its actually linked to Suria complex via the Convention Centre. And we took a 10 minute walk on grass and interlocking bricks under the hot night climate.

10 mintes ago, we were here.....

10 minutes later, here we are, 33 floors above ground level. Initially we wanted to head to Luna, but knowing that there is cover charges, so we decided to go to give Skybar a try. We didn't make any bookings, so we can kiss the window seats goodbye. We were seated on a table near the bar.

Sin Mei went to Zouk the night before. And she still asking us to go again tonight after Skybar. Well, frankly speaking, its just for the experience. The music is more to chill out. That's why you can see my table has the youngest.... and I dare say prettiest ladies in the house.

Overlooking an indoor swimming pool....
Group photo before leaving. Sin Mei is feeling the effect of his lychee liquor cocktail. The Margarita didnt have any effect on me though. Its only 10.30pm. And we are reluctant to call it a night....
A final photo of the bar area before we leave. Coincidently there is fireworks display from the heart of KL city. Its a spectacular view from the 33rd floor. Although this place don't seem to be my cup of tea, its a eye opening experience. More to get the feel, and to snap some photos.

Finally got a good shot under low lighting conditions with my trusted Canon Ixus 80IS. If the next time I were to chillout in Luna or Sky, I will make sure I reserve a table or spot beside the windows. After paying RM11.70 for parking ticket, we were contemplating where to head to for our second round. Sri Murni mamak? or more beer?
Ok, so the gals are more thirsty than hungry. We headed to Jaya One. Wow, so this place is kinda happening also at night. With 4 bistros at the centre point, most of the people chose to dine al fresco style.... We tried a pub upstairs called Chulo. Pub or Bistro, up to you to define it. Business must be not so brisk, as we were told that a jug of beer cost RM33. Happy hour rate on Saturday 11pm? U must be pulling my leg! I was abit hungry and ordered a portion of Crispy Roast Pork. Its actually Siu Yoke glazed with garlic basting. But it was good!
Hugging pillows and enjoying the beat. We didnt end up in pillow talk but just taking our mind off the busy lifestyle we are caught up with. I really enjoyed the company of my ji muis. Was real quiet when I'm back in Ipoh. Its 1am+ in the morning and we have to call it a night....

Waking up early wasn't easy the next morning although we didnt drank much the night before. Its 9am ++ and Chee Meng dropped by. We headed to Sg Buloh for dimsum. Its my first time eating dimum under umbrella at a field. Yes, its like a pasar tani style. Well, the dim sum failed to deliver though. It's hard to find dimsum capable of matching the standards of dimsum set by the few giants in Ipoh. So guys, when's the turn for me to host you?

Went to One Utama after our breakfast. Parking was nearly full although its not even 11am yet. The rates here is more reasonable, RM1 for first 6 hours. Its my first time stepping my foot in 1U. Surprising huh? They really do have almost everything under the sun. Coincidently there was some Wing Chun exhibition and competition going on.

My friends suggested to watch Ip Man 2. Although I've watched it back in Ipoh, but I don't mind watching it for another time. But tickets were selling off fast, and we can't make it for the next show as my train is at 6pm. Hence, we rant our frustration on the wooden dummies. LOL. Hey, its not easy. Hit hard enough and you will feel the effect of Newton's Third Law.

This is one of the many shops which caught my attention. Its a candy shop called STICKY. As you enter the shop, you will be greeted with jars of colourful candies. Most of them are crafted with designs or sculpted with words like "Happy Birthday" and "I Love You". If you drop by at the right timing, you can actually see the crew in action producing these colourful candies.
I got 2 jars for myself. One jar is priced at RM16.90. Quite pricey but a unique gift for someone special perhaps. Moments later, another RM50 note is used for stocking up Cadbury Chocolates. Imported ones of course. My fave Old Gold series. My favourite Rum n Raisin @ RM10.90 per bar. Its hard to get liquor based chocolates in open supermarkets and hypermarts, not to mention a lower price from its usual RM14.90.
There are so many food to try that I would not need a proper lunch. Its my first try of Cinnabon products. I choose the Chocolate flavour. One unit at RM3.60. Abit pricey but I like the packaging, just like those Christmas pies. I kept it until I reached Ipoh, reheated it and indulge! Lovely! The inner swirls are heavily doused with chocolate syrup.
While working, we decided to try this famous Johny King egg tarts recommended by my friend. Well, it just tasted so-so, but I liked the variety of flavour. Corn, Green Tea, Coffee, Red Bean, Durian... not to mention Portugese Egg Tarts, Polo Bun. RM9.50 for a box of 6 tarts. I tried one Portugese Egg tart and I tasted quite okay. The pastry for the normal egg tarts was abit.... Hmmmm... jus say I prefer the contemporary type.
Well, it was in my planning to go to FULLHOUSE. But my friend wasn't really sure of how to go to Niu Tze Zui. Watlar, budak PJ pun tak tau? And we went KLCC instead of Sunway yest. So, we opted to try Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe in 1U. Drawing the same artificial garden concept lifestyle dining, I personally think FULLHOUSE has more to offer. Maybe next time.... ^^
Mixed Fruit Cocktail tea for two @ RM9.90 per pot. Yes, its reddish in colour. I prefer lighter colour flower scented tea though... This cuppa is like those aromatherapy condiments. LOL....
My other 2 friends went for juices to suit the garden theme? Haha... Priced at RM7.90 per 'jug'. Noticed the small pot of plant. Its readily sold here if you are interested. There are various flower arrangment for sale too
I'm the only one eating. This is the spaghetti cabonara. Served with beef bacon. I find it was too heavy on the olive oil. And I didnt taste the 'eggy' side of the cream. Pasta was abit far from al dente, drawn to the undercooked side of the scale, making this serving a bit 'jelak' for me. The mushrooms were sauteed to near perfection, but the cream sauce could do some improvement.
After makan, its blow water session. The "Pattern King" beri saya tunjuk ajar how to blow more water in the future...
After paying so much for the food, its time to put this place to good use and snap some photos. Actually that was my motive to drop by this place. I have read reviews that the food is so-so only. One with an SLR here can take studio quality shots, like garden themed engagement photo shoots? Hehe....
My BFFs, Shin Yee and Lei Yi. I feel they are starting to look alike even much more.
Wow, imagine wearing a white/champagne colour all white suit and playing the piano here. YENG arh!!!!

Group photo before leaving. Actually I didnt expect to head straight here after breakfast. If I knew I would have changed to my long sleeved white shirt to camwhore...
Garden Cafe @ 1U
Time flies when we are having fun. And its time to bid goodbye to my friends. We bought the 6pm train. Should've bought the 9pm train. Or perhaps, the next trip, I will take a day off on Friday. We can just walk around Midvalley on our own while waiting for my friends to pick us up after work. It was a short but great weekend cathing up with my besties. I havent been seeing them since convo last year. Leave with heavy hearts and bring back memories.....

... and also sweet candies beside memories!!!! (p/s: for more photos, refer my Facebook album)
.... A complete collection of memories!!! HahAhA... I must tighten my belt as its end of the month already. When is the payday? RoArRr!!!!! I wanna go sing K (RM6 on Monday nite, 2 hrs + 1 drink) and eat Cocoon Cafe (newly opened, currently my fave yumchar spot in Ipoh). Its going to be sometime till we meet again. Take care, friends!