Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MAGNUM Cafe, Midvalley KL

Magnum CafĂ© has its first outlet opened in Midvalley Megamall back in November 2014. And as anticipated, it has indeed drawn huge crowds and beelines throughout the first few months in business, even on weekdays. If I’m not mistaken, they already have their second outlet in IOI Mall, Putrajaya. Fast forward more than half a year later, the crowd soon died off on weekdays.

Knowing that it is just the toppings which made it an Instagram or Facebook worthy photo, I still overrule my rationale and forked out RM9.90 for an ice-cream which can be bought for less than RM4 in supermarkets and convenience stores (without the fancy decorative toppings of course). So what made it so special that for a similar ice-cream, the price can be more than doubled? And the most intriguing part case is people are willing to queue for more than half an hour for it. Before that, let’s review the modus operandi of creating this custom-made RM9.90 Magnum.
Ordering is not a fuss if you took the trouble to flip through the menu while waiting for your turn. That would be a great favour to those who are in queue behind you by avoiding unnecessary hiccups and waiting in the ordering process. Your custom-made ice cream can be ready in 4 simple steps below:

1) Choose your ice cream flavor (vanilla or chocolate brownie)
2) Choose the chocolate coating (milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate)
3) Choose 3 toppings available
4) Choose the drizzle (milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate)
Topping ranges from dried fruits such as dried mango, dried blackcurrants, fruity pastilles, goji berries to nuts such as crushed pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds to decorative items such as rose petals and golden nuggets to favourites such as marshmallows, Oreo bits and also cookie crumbles. Did I mention that you can be a bit more adventurous and include potato chips and even chilli flakes?!

As a rule of thumb, do choose contrasting colours for step 2 and step 4. In other words, if you have decided to go for the dark chocolate shell, opt for the white chocolate drizzle. After all, you would wanna make the RM9.90 worth by posting an attention-seeking creation on social media right?

If you have an indecisive mind or poor affinition towards creative food presentation, just feel free to select one from the pre-arranged flavours. Personal recommendation: Black Forest!!

Here is a glimpse of my custom made Magnum - Milk Chocolate Shell (I requested for Dark Chocolate but the newbie was not paying attention) encasing Vanilla ice-cream (I dislike Vanilla, opted for Chocolate Brownie ice cream but the same newbie spoil everything, what an idiot!) with white chocolate drizzle and 3 toppings combination of marhsmallow, cookie crumbs and rose petals

Achievement unlocked: paying for RM9.90 Magnum ice-cream. There are even other more premium ones ala Haagan Dasz menu such as those Magnum “platter style” which is served with cakes/brownies, etc costing as much as RM70! Will I return again? Most likely not. But there are many KL-ites which will do so perhaps judging by the queue on weekends. Could somebody enlighten me why? Perhaps its like the photo above, its embedded with gold (direct translation from Cantonese "siong kum geh")