Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Yours truly has unpublished hundreds of older posted dated from 2008 till 2011. I will need some time in filtering out post which are food reviews from rantings and events of my *ahem* personal life. To kickstart the repost unpublished/archived posts on food, here is one of the many which I handpicked so that I can entice somebody whom I know :)

When hunger strikes.... when the weather is too cruel to allow you to have a "blow water" yumchar sessions... when dinner don't seem to give that satisfaction.... Is instant noodles your convenient answer?
Tonight, we will learn a twist from your usual bowl of noodles. The major ingredients needed are resourcefulness and improvisation. I crave for something soupy due to the rainy evening. Something slightly fiery would be perfect. Saw this packet of Ibumie Har Mee flavour. Before getting the final product as per above, a list of preparation needed to be made, which includes:
1) Saute the prawns, preferably with some sambal tumis paste/chilli oil if available in your fridge.
2) Deep fry the shallots. Drain and use for garnishing.
3) Fry the fish cake and thinly slice it.
4) Thinly slice some pork, in my version, I used roast pork (siu yoke). Just improvise with whatever you deem fit.
5) Hard boil egg and thinly slice it.
6) Cook noodles and drain it.
7) Prepare broth using MSG/prawn flavour provided and chilli oil. You may further improve the version by frying the prawn shells and keeping the oil to drizzle over before serving
8) Arrange accordingly and pour steaming hot soup over.
9) Garnish with some greens (kuchai only available - preferably they use kangkung)
10) Have some extra chilli flakes from Dominoes? Add in for that extra kick!
There you have it. Late night hunger pangs cravings with a twist. =) PRAWN MEE SUPREME! (easily beat any versions served outside)