Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sushi Zanmai

It was a bad start of the week as I lost my matrix card, despite having only few more weeks left to graduation. Things started to pickup well towards middle of the week. And before waiting long, its time for the Genting trip with my friends tomorrow. And without wasting much time, I'm gunning down my to-do and to-eat list one by one....

And we started off with Sushi Zanmai.... Surprisingly, the meal did not burn a hole in my pocket. Despite the cosy interior and decor, the prices in the menu was reasonable, almost the same as Sushi King. But the food, it was far better than Sushi King. Fresh and made on the spot! Perhaps we had our meal on off peak hours.

Available in 3 different portions. The smallest one at RM6 for 3 slices of firm salmon sashimi. I had the promotional plate, RM8.80 for 5 slices. Well presented, and fresh!
The corn and kani(crab) sushi at only RM1.60. Cheap huh? And the tuna temaki and ebi(prawn) temaki at RM2.90 and RM3.90. I'm convinced that the decor really gave me a wrong impression that this is somewhat above average class Japanese dining. Food is well reasonably priced.

Fried chicken fillet which acoompanied the cold udon. I didnt manage to get an individual photo of the noodles. It was well presented, portion was juts right at RM8.80. Thumbs up for the soft shell crab maki. In fact two thumbs up!! Being freshly made, I could feel the slight oil oozing out along with the juiciness of the crab flesh. Priced at RM6, this is my favourite so far. aNywaY, this blog is named after this dish rite?

An interesting range of food in the menu. I will certainly come back for more....