Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9 Big Ghost Banquet in a Chemor traditional home~

It was my first time driving to Chemor motivated by visiting a colleague's house and also good food! Chinese New Year season has dampened a bit but all was not gone! The journey was well rewarded with my colleague's parents cooking a storm whole day for dishes fit for a banquet. Yup, we nicknamed it "9 Big Ghost" (literally in Cantonese)

Enter the Little Ghost of home made Yee Sang! Say no to artificial colouring and preservatives and hello to healthy vegetables and fruits, namely cabbage, turnips, carrots and cucumbers. The fish is substituted with mandarin oranges, which made close resemblance to salmon slices! Topped with crushed nuts and fried nga ku bits, the home made yee sang is ready for tossing after drizzled generously with oil and plum sauce! Refreshing and different from the generic versions in restaurants and supermarkets!

A good appetizer fit to be a main course for light eaters, the 2nd Ghost was the Fried Stuffed Chicken Wings. Coated with crumbs instead of batter, the crispy and juicy chicken wings houses glutinous rice with bits of sauteed mushrooms, garlic and carrots. I seldom get to try this dish. In fact, this is my first time??? Skilfully and meticulously done, this dish it fit for the Four Season platter in restaurants! =D

Next, a larger chicken dish. Poached Kampung Chicken. The meat is firm but more on the chewy side. This may not be everyone's cup of tea as you might have good exercise of the jaw. But the firm flesh does have a distinctive flavour in a special way.

Enter one of the most sinful ghost of the 9. Stewed Pork with Yam (Wu Tau Kau Yuk). Using roast pork, it has the signature 3 layer of skin, fat and meat! Part of me was craving for slurping the whole piece down my throw while the other part was playing the guilt card of separating the gelatinous fatty layer.

Take a break, chew on some brocolli and snow peas to ease of the guiltiness of indulgence! While doing so, entice your tastebuds with some braised sea cucumber and mushrooms! Totally way better than the ones I had in Ipoh Hometown restaurant, the sea cucumber has the melt in your mouth feel. Well, we were indeed blessed to be served a premium grade of sea cucumber nicknamed "Ju Por Sum", a expensive variant. We don't nickname it the 9 Big Ghost Banquet for nothing right? =D

If you still haven't feel the cholesterol laden guilt, continue to indulge in Pan Fried Soya Sauce Prawns. The prawns may not be the very large size, but you can taste the passion of the person who cook this dish. Really very home made taste yet full of "wok hei" ala restaurant styled cooking.

Uncle and Aunty had some plain rice in the cooker but we did not touch a single grain at all. Enter the next ghost in the form of Steamed Glutinous Rice with.... pineapples???? Haha, definitely out of the norm. Well, you do get bites of sausages and mushrooms here and there.

Save the best for the last. This "Sek Pan" was very fresh. I was told that Uncle purposely got this fish from the Pasir Pinji market! Upon sufficient steaming, not too much or less, the flesh was firm and came off the bones easily. Yummyyyy~

Oh, the last and 9th ghost was the Fruit Enzyme wine.... which haunts my tastebuds! =p Hehehehhee... so much for the Gou Dai Guai feast. Looking forward for next year's menu!!!!

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