Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Latt Tong - overrated and quite disappointing.

Yang ni TAK sedap. Indah khabar dari rupa. Serdang is famous for its cooking with Hakka influence, namely the overrated Yong Tau Foo, the Ji Bao Gai (Parcel wrapped chicken) and last but not least the Latt Tong (Pepper Spicy Soup). Spending most of my 4 years in Serdang while I was in UPM, I was utterly disappointed by the first 2 items over and over again. This time during my weekend in KL, I finally get to try the Latt Tong, which I didn't try it all my 4 years in Serdang. And thus, the disappointing trio is completed!

To give it some credit, the peppery soup is indeed fragrant, infused with ginger slices. A good dish during a rainy day. Other than that, its something quite similar between a cross of the ingredients in Bak Kut Teh and Pig Stomach Soup. We ordered the Hwa Tiao Chicken too. Both claypot were done in portion of 3 pax to feed 5 people. Throw in a small vege dish and RM 5 plates of white rice and chinese tea, a bill totalling up to RM80+. There was certainly nothing special with both dishes, the portion DOES NOT justify to bear the price tag of RM30 per claypot, what more the taste! Totally does not live up to its name. Looking at the crowded stall, I'm very skeptical with Kl people's tastebuds.

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