Friday, March 18, 2011

Tony Roma's lunch sets, Midvalley

It was one of my my many wish left unfulfilled before leaving my studying days in UPM behind me. And today, I manage to dine in Tony Roma's and at a more affordable price. Tony Roma's offers reasonably priced set lunches on weekdays starting from RM16.90. It includes soup of the day and a drink as well.

The soup of the day was mushroom soup. It was creamy enough to my liking and has generous bite sized button mushrooms. The slight drawback would be it was tad salty. The packet of crackers was not enough to contain the saltiness of the soup. I had to depend on the complimentary bun (its called BATON if i'm not mistaken) served with herbed garlic butter.

For the main course, I chose their famous ROMA RIBS. This whole lunch set cost me RM39.90. It comes with 2 big sized beef ribs. They offer ala carte portion of 3 ribs!!! But I find 2 ribs to be a sufficient portion and may satisfy the MOST carnivorous midday appetite. If the ribs don't, the humongous servings of fries and coleslaw will!!!

The beef ribs was slightly better than the ones I tasted in San Francisco Steakhouse back in Ipoh (that was lamb ribs, abit injustice done). The ones in TR was dry on the surface but has the distinctive smoky charred aroma. The ribs were not piping hot but warm enough. You can choose from a series of sauce to get it basted. I opted for their signature Original Roma sauce which gave the smoky BBQ like savoury taste. The meat was not totally tender but it does save you alot of knife work as it can be removed from the bone without much hassle. Best to drown it with a Stout instead of iced lemon tea though. =p

TR serves alcohol, thus I doubt its HALAL status. At the most I felt its just PORK FREE. Besides alcoholic beverages, you may find yourself captivated by the wide ranges of colourful yet sinful desserts. Since I'm dining alone, I have to save it for another time as I'm convinced you get what you pay, the portion here is HUGE. So far, one visit is enough, as I believe there are much more hidden gems in KL to be discovered on my next trip. =)

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