Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peking Pan Mee Noodle Shop

Pardon me for not updating my blog regularly. The journey of food hunting seems to found a big obstacle when my camera was drowned inside my sling bag, thanks to the loosely capped bottle. And it happened on my birthday. Sigh...

And as I was holding my company's camera, I managed to do a simple review of Peking Pan Mee Noodles Shop in Medan Ipoh Bestari, directly opposite Kafe Tim. My parents told me that Kafe Tim also has a stall which serves good Pan Mee, but comes with a long wait, sometimes lasting till 45 minutes. We had breakfast here one Saturday morning after I felt like taking a break from K10's liu fun. Well, it was my 2nd visit this time. I had the Chi Keong Duck Pan Mee (RM5) on my first visit with my colleagues. This time, Dad was adventurous and tried the Curry Pan Mee (RM4.30) which was richly laden with coconut milk.

This is the Kei Chi Pan Mee. Wolfberries were extracted to make the noodles hence resulting in a dark orange colour. The soup have a subtle hint of keichi, but abit bitter/"keip" to my mom's liking. My parents are used to pan mee which serves generous servings of ground pork meatballs and tender pork slices and ikan bilis flavoured soup. So their way of evaluating a good old bowl of pan mee might be different, though I do agree that the sayur manis and fried ikan bilis and good sambal belacan is part of the scoring criteria too =D

Trying something different from the rest, I had the Claypot Salted Vegetables Fish Head Pan Mee (RM8) Yup! Pan Mee can be used instead of rice vermicelli! The soup was indeed appetizing with salted veges, tomatoes and seaweed to flavour it, not to mention velvety smooth tofu. And the star of the dish was indeed the generous portion of fried fish heads. The fish head pieces were chopped to friendly sizes and does not have any fishy odour.

Last but not least, the woman asked me to try their home made Yong Tau Fu. At RM3 for 2 huge pieces, I have to agree its a steal, especially those who prefer a light lunch. Served with bean paste sauce, the taufu stuffed with pork+fish meat were fried to a crispy exterior.

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