Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cocoon Revisited

Cocoon was one of my favourite spot before it closed down abruptly. Upon learning that it is reopened, I decided to give it a try. I had the Grilled Dory Fillet in Hollandaise Sauce (RM14.80). Hollandaise sauce is actually a creamy and buttery sauce which is slightly tangy due to the lemon juice and mustard. It actually pairs very well with the dory fillet which was grilled to perfection. Even the potato wedges could be used to wipe of the extra sauce. Served with mixed vegetables, Cocoon just managed to maintain part of its art of presentation. However, the portion still remain small like before.

Dad said his lamb chop was generous in portion but the meat was abit hard. He would prefer more charred ends on the meat and the lamb to be lightly marinated/seasoned. The meat was abit bland on its own but the mint sauce served did some saving grace. Not one of the best lamb chops which we tried, just merely a pass.

Marmite Chicken Chop Rice (RM8.80). Finally the reopened Cocoon serves rice dishes. Nothing really special and I felt that the word "Marmite" is abit over rated. I've tasted many "Marmite" chicken but its actually dark soya sauce chicken. I mean, Marmite is not cheap, you think they will incorporate it in the dish? Hmmm...

This is the vegetarian fried rice. Instead of meat, you get more vegetables, baby corn and mushrooms. Overall, the reopening of Cocoon under a new management (and most likely kitchen crew too) was abit disappointing and could not match to the artistic dishes previously. Guess it wont last long since there only 2 tables dining on a Sunday evening.


Carole said...

may i know whr is d place?

sEnGz said...

its in Greentown Ipoh. Corner shop, near Genting Office and the former pub Stairway.

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