Friday, July 22, 2011

Of Viennetta and Wonka Chocolates....

Ah comfort food... What more at a comforting price. Normally sold at RM9.90, I couldn't help myself but to get one flavour each as TESCO is selling them for RM5.99 only. Just tried the Brownies Chocolate. Not bad. If I recalled correctly, the Triple Chocolate would've tasted better. Too bad there was not Black Forrest flavour on sale. With relatively low salary in Ipoh, I may not afford Baskin Robbins or Haagan Dasz but guess I can still afford Wall's Viennetta. Will stock up more the next time I stop by Tesco before this week's on sale items changes.

Another comfort food. Imported. And best of all..... FREE! Big thanks to Mun Siong for practising the true meaning of giving. If the giving does not hurt, then it's not giving at all. I'm sure she felt a pinch to sacrifice his last box of chocolate initially for her own. But considering I always get her OldTown 3in1 for staff price, I think its about time I get appreciated. =)

I never know much about Wonka, except I know about the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. But from the packaging, its a trademark owned by Nestle. This is fully imported chocolates from The States. Individually wrapped, the milk chocolate contains bits of peppermint candies and shortbrItalicead. The short bread did not really shine as the flavourful minty candy bits was a bit overpowering. May not appease the chocolate purist but once in a while, it brings great joy to taste chocolate like this. =)

A very good after meal dessert. Happy weeekend, peeps! =)

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