Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ayam Penyet de Garden Ipoh

Finally, I found the opportunity to dine with some friends in Ayam Penyet De Garden Ipoh. Most of my friends, including my parents, are not fan of Malay/Indian food. Hence, it took me a huge delay to try it after its opening almost a year ago? AP is currently having some good lunch sets from RM9.50 which includes a drink. Ok, let's see what Indonesian food got to offer....
Kick started the meal with Gado-gado (RM4.50) which is abit similar to Indian Rojak. You get crackers, julliened cucumber, beansprouts and hard boiled eggs in a thick and rich peanut sauce. The degree of spiciness was not even mild, even a kid could handle this dish. Good for sharing but nothing spectacular to shout about as I still prefer the local Indian rojak.
This is their signature dish which the shop is named after. Ayam Penyet (or Flattened Chicken). The chicken is not deboned but you get a whole full drumstick (with the thigh) fried to get a crisp and dry exterior but maintaining a slightly succulent interior. Unlike the usual Ayam Goreng Berempah you find in your fave mamak shop in your neighbourhood, the flesh is not fried till very dry. Tastewise, it is mildly marinaded and not as flavourful as I would expect. The crispy flakes from the batter is supposed to be be "bumbu" izit? But it paled in flavour compared to the health hazardous bits of batter from your typical mamak Ayam Goreng Berempah. One set of this cost RM9.50. Ala carte comes at RM7.50 without the iced tea and the rice. YES, you would have to fork out another RM1.20 for the white rice if you go ala carte.

 There are other sets available.... My colleague had the Udang Penyet (RM9.90/set) Thank goodness the prawns were not flattened! Haha... Besides white rice, a portion comes with sides of kangkung, shredded cabbage, cucumber slices, fried tau kua (dried beancurd), tempe (fried preserved soya bean) and a dollop of a killer sambal. The sambal is tongue and lip numbing.... The cucumber slices and iced tea do not seem to be doing their part in dousing the red alert flame!

If you prefer something with gravy, try out their Rendang, available in chicken or beef. I'm not sure whether all portions will be served the drumstick part of the chicken, as all 3 plates of our orders received the drumstick portion. If you fancy some greens, try out the Sayur Masak Lemak (not my cup of tea due to the coconut milk). Come try AP! Well, after Burger King closed down (and Boston reduced their operation area to half their usual size), who knows who will be next in the guilotine list. This is Ipoh after all. Its tough to sustain for a above averagely priced F&B outlet. Merry Christmas everyone~

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