Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ipoh ALSO Got Talent 2011

 Rendition of Wang Lee Hom's song. He got the Korean baby face look but could improve more in expression and interaction with the crowd.

 The B-Boy group... Well, I felt that they were in the finals because there's only one group representative which is dancing. Their moves were not well synchronized and executed neatly, full of flaws.

 12 year old kid in colourful costume resembling Chinese opera singers. He is bold and confident throughout the whole period he was on stage. Literally treating the stage as his own yard, he is one tough contender at that moment. Belting out a upbeat number "Bian Nian", this little kid has strong vocals...

 A multitasker. Hoola-hooping, doing a some gymnast/ballet routines while singing. When asked later why she wanna make herself so occupied in the performance, she answer OVERconfidently "I think we should cherish every single talents, if you have MANY talents, then make full use of them..." yada yada yada....

 Singing duo performing an unknown number. Well, if only they took our advice and belted a more down to earth number by a group/singer in their age, say M2M, they could've connected with the crowd better....

 My church friend, Aaron doing his dance medley comprising MJ's imitation, a hip hop infused mime, popping and locking.... and last but not least, SHUFFLING! Spiced things up with some humour in the medley.

 Meeting him backstage... This is his attire during his shuffling mode. If you have viewed Party Rock Anthem MV, you should notice a "robot" towards the end of the video.

A violinist doing "HIS WAY", singing "My Way" in 2 different octaves... yes! a "duet with his alter ego, an annoying female voice" 

Juwita Suwito was one of the judges that night. She sang two songs from her upcoming album while the votes for the winner and score was being tallied. In the meantime, Marianne had a duet with another guy for the song "The Prayer" made famous by Celine Dion. Both of them will be performing for A Night Of Christmas Carols on the 16th December.

Yup, I will take the opportunity to give a final push about this event. Yup, despite being just hours away from performing later at PGS Hall for the Perak State Combined Churches Christmas Celebration, I would like to highlight and extend my invitation to all my dear readers to this event on this coming Friday, 16 Dec night. The event starts at 8pm in PGS Hall. Tickets are still available, starting from RM10. The PGS Hall can sit about 1500 people and we are anticipating a full crowd as we wanna make full use of this event to share the gospel and the true meaning behind Christmas in an artistic manner. Having said that, rest assured your tickets price are worth as there will be orchestra, choir and individual/duet song from reputable and talented singers. Yours truly will be also be staging a dance! =)

Having said that, lets get back to the report on Ipoh Also Got Talent. These were the top 3 from the 13 finalists on that night... Try to make rough guess on their standings position.

Yes, the winner is the small kid. First runner up is the guy being a human beat box machine. The second runner up is the 10 year old Malay girl. Well, in such competitions, I kinda expected age is somehow a strong influencing factor in determining who wins. For those who find their forte in dancing, go in a dance competition instead and those who are good in singing, participate in a competition for singers solely only. At least you wont be beaten by the "cuteness" factor.... or other factors such as.... *let's not touch on that here*

The winner flanked by the VIPs. One of them is the President of YMCA. He got himself a trophy, hamper and a 42 inch TV and a DVD Player? I got a glance that the TV brand was HISENSE. Somehow, I felt that you should reward them with prizes from reputable brands at least.

Last but not least, a souvenir presentation to my buddy Kelvin Ooi for being one of the panel of judges throughout the competition. All in all, I find this competition a bit better than the "IDEAL TEEN" competition held years back then. At least, people from all walks of life and background are "eligible" to take part in a talent contest, compared to a "pageant"-like "IDEAL TEEN" competition whereby if your parents are rwell known in the community, then...... *again, I shall cease my tongue from commenting further*

For a more thorough and detailed articles with better photo coverage and reporting, do have a read in the Metro online of The Star:

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