Monday, January 16, 2012

CuRRy nOOdLes, cUrRy nOoDLeS... and MORE curry noodles! =D

As I was writing this post on a cooling nite, I felt the cravings for a piping hot soupy bowl of home cooked curry noodles. Instant one would do the trick. If I could request a bit more, I would wanna have tau pok, char siu and also home made fish paste (yu wak) to go along with it, just like the photo above, which I cooked last week.

Even if I manage to surpress my cravings, I will succumb to it the next morning. Eventhough I only get to have a proper breakfast with my parents like once only in a week (5 1/2 working days, Sun got church, wat to do?!) sometimes I can still get bored of thinking what to have for breakfast on a non-working day. Dined at Kafe Tim one morning and had their version of curry noodles which incorporated shredded chicken, char siu (BBQ pork) and char yuk (fried pork belly instead of roasted pork - siu yoke) coupled with some tau fu pok in a thick dry curry gravy. Tastewise, just above average, but not too bad. I mean, what could you ask for nowadays for RM3.50 right? =p

Else, it would be like a typical weekend morning just like today. A rainy morning called for a soupy curry noodles to kick start the day! The fried yong liew to accompany it... in a place called K-10 Claypot Chicken Rice. Yes, they sell noodles during breakfast-lunch hour. Claypot chicken rice only operates at night.

Remember I mentioned "What else could you get for RM3.50" just now? Hehe... The curry noodles at Yat Yat Seng is RM5 per plate! However you really get back yout money worth with peeled small sized prawns, shredded chicken meat, Char Siu, Siu Yoke and pork skin. Portion is a bit small but should do the trick for ladies.... or those wanting a light lunch.

 It was N years ago since I last dined in Yat Yat Seng. Thanks to my church friends' suggestion for lunch, I finally made a simple coverage on this eatery. I would say most of the poeple come here is because of the curry noodles stall. Besides curry noodles, they also serve relatively good chicken rice. Not the best I have tasted, but the chicken flesh was smooth and tender, the skin almost jelly-like. The rice may be abit turn off at first sight due to the slightly excessive yellow colouring used (I doubt they really use so much Planta for it) which made it look like those Malay styled chicken rice. But the soya sauce worked wonders and complemented the fluffy "oil rice" ( I never opt for white rice when it comes to chicken rice). RM3.70 on a plate of chicken rice might be slighly above the average Ipoh price, but sometimes.... hawkers do have the right to put a higher charge if they are above the rest in terms of skilful cooking.

 There is also Kai Si Hor Fun served. Tasted the soup, which is quite "ching". A bit more fried shallots is needed. Oh yeah, pork balls sold seperately. Else, don't look in amazement as you are told to pay RM5 for the bowl in the picture above.

Surprisingly, besides the food, there are some supporting reasons to be here. They served caramel egg custard. My friends seems excited over it but I decided to let them order first (RM1.40 per serving, but its freaking small) so that I can have a look. Well, in the end, I ordered one for myself also despite the not-so-attractive first impression (seasoned foodies will know how to distinguish good ones by looking at the brownish layer at the top caused by the sugar caramel) Curiosity killed the cat as I was totally disappointed with the version here and it paled in comparison to the few caramel custards I tasted in Ipoh. The one in Thean Chun, Old Town still reigns supreme.

Well, at least their Green Coffee is something worthwhile for a try. If I'm not mistakan, green tea is used to get this FUSION "Cham Ice". It may turn out a bit sweet to certain people, thus eclipsing the coffee aroma. RM1.70 for this frothy iced coffee-tea concoction. I would recommend you to give it a try, at least once. So that wraps up my food hunt recently. Well, there are not many new eateries in Ipoh lately, isn't it? =) At least, I'm still commited to update my blog while looking at other blogrolls to have "months" and "years" as the measurement for their last update.....

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