Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ko Hyang, Korean Country Delights @ The Gardens, Midvalley

 "Train ke Seremban akan tiba dalam masa 3 minit. Train to Seremban will be arriving in 3 minutes". This announcment in the KL Sentral station brings back bitter sweet memories of my KL life as a student few years ago. It's great to step my foot back in KL soil back again for the weekend. For the first time I travelled by ETS. It's RM25 per way for Silver Class. The trip was 30 minutes faster than the usual KTM Intercity, which I think costs RM20 now (in contrast to RM12 in those day for economic class). Well, since there is not much price difference, I opted for the ETS which was a bit more comfy and silent throughout the 2 1/2 hour journey from Ipoh to KL Sentral.

 Arrived at Midvalley and found out things haven't changed much. While waiting for my friends, I could not help but to dine alone first. Considering it will be Western food for the dinner gathering, I would go for something Asian. No Chinese food please, so its either Japanese or Korean. Since Sushi Zanmai was full, I have to opt to try some Korean cuisine in De Garden. Ko Hyang is an open restaurant concept, without walls, tables around the open kitchen. They only serve 3 types of Banchan - kimchi, sugar glazed anchovies with sesame and appetiser comprising fishcakes, cocktail sausages and capsicum. Their Korean rice tea has a pleasant aroma and has a hint of honey.

 My meal of the day - Korean Rice Cakes with Dumplings in Soup (RM15.90). It was my first time trying Korean Rice cakes. In my previous visit to Korean restaurants, I wanted to order the Rice Cakes cooked with Kimchi. Since my tummy was craving for something soupy and warm, I opted for the "clear broth" version to avoid any possibilities of stomach discomfort due to spicy soup.

 A closer look to the dumpling -filled with minced chicken and chives. On top of the dumpling is the rice cake. Quite chewy, it reminds me of the "Pak Gor" (a noodle dish) which some siu chows in KL will fry them. The soup is quite bland, but lightly flavoured from the seaweed, egg, sesame oil and some toppings of minced beef.

This place is pork free... but can be considered HALAL too as it bears an logo of a unrecognised Halal certification body. Not highly recommended... as what is Korean food without pork right? =p

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