Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 2: Penang Hill

Goodness! I've abandoned my blog for nearly a month. There a few food post to be up before photos keep piling up. Before that, I shall try to wrap up the Penang trip in March.The next morning we went to Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill).

Ticket for an adult is RM8 (both ways) This is the History Walkway.... whereby you can see pictures of the trains used throughout the years while waiting for the train. It's half an hour per train, if I'm not mistaken.
Recently, they have just upgraded the trains to the ones like KL Monorail. It is completely concealed and air conditioned. The plus point is it is well ventilated with the air conditioning system but the slight drawback was the passengers missing out of the crisp cool air as the train escalated higher.
This is a snap shop of the train. A cross between KL monorail and Genting Skyway Cabins. This train has a maximum capacity of 100 passengers equally split out in 6 cabins. That's about an estimated load of 7500kg as shown in the photo below.

Rest assured its manufactured in Switerland and not locally assembled.

The one way journey takes around 7-8 minutes... Nothing much to see throughout the short journey up, except for the green side of nature.

Just like every other passenger, we started snapping photos as soon as we arrived at the peak station.

The lush greenery on top of the hill. It would be great if you can watch the sunrise at this altitude.

Overlooking the whole of Penang Island and the Mainland. After all, we are more than 800 metres above sea level.

Proof that they were here?? o.O
There's a restaurant on the peak of the hill. Recently it had a candle light dinner promotion for Valentine's Day...

Be a Peeping Tom for just RM1. You get to use the binoculars to view the whole of Penang Island for 2 minutes. Check whether Lim Guan Eng is at his office on a weekend or not. Or the infamous Tow Truck Aunty Jessie Ooi is catching illegal parking offenders.

My signature Asian pose overlooking a "ghostly town" background. A light drizzle caused a fog which made it look like oversea countries.

Some historical background of Penang Hill/Bukit Bendera. There's this inn and tea house situated somewhere near the police station (Yes! There IS a police station on top of this hill)

Some handicrafts and oil painting for display and sale. Check out the price! Gosh....

Well, save that for Camerons if you have thoughts on having some scones and a cup of hot Earl Grey overlooking a misty scenery.

There, a simple post on Penang Hill. Next chapter. Downhill to Kek Lok Si and the food trail which awaits.

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