Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OldTown Berhad Annual Dinner 2012

This year's company dinner was held in Kinta Riverfront Hotel on the 14 April. Wow, time really passes real fast and this time around, its my third company dinner with OldTown Berhad. This means I have spent more than 3 years with this company and it's one great company to be attached with in Ipoh.

Its only the one-time event in the year which I will put on make-up (besides stage performances for Christmas). We were given an apartment unit in Kinta Riverfront Hotel and Apartments. The apartment is a 2 room apartment just next to the hotel, not opened for business yet I reckon.

The plus point of being a committee is, you get free makeup! Though some may prefer to have their make up professionally done outside rather than entrusting their look on trainees from SuperStar Beauty School. But for me, it doesn't matter much as long my complexion looks good on photos. Hehe...

Fastforward to the evening: The "photo corner". Since the committee uniform was an "airline theme",  the decor was based on an aeroplane runway overlooking landmarks with OldTown theme. The pilot, steward and stewardess idea was nice but thanks to somebody who took FULL CHARGE of the design and protocol of the night, I felt that it has lost its touch! And somehow, lack of taste

 Registration started at 6pm and most of them came early to snap photos although dinner officially kicks start at 7pm.

 Some of employees were very supportive and sporting! Giving their best in searching for the apparel which match the dinner's theme. Each and everyone of you have indeed made the dinner a success!

Some of the staff who dressed according to the theme. The ushers of the night was in racing girls suit. I have a crush for one of them. Can you roughly guess who? ^.^

Another boss of mine. He is the son of the owner of the famous Nam Heong coffeeshop in the Ipoh Old Town area. Spotting a smart pilot uniform, Andy marched in and was accompanied by the parade of Annual Dinner Committee members. That's your truly just right behind him.

Our Chairman giving a speech. Normally, we only see him in "official events" and newspapers. That's like once a year if in person? Hehe...

 Since this is food blog, it wont be complete if there is not a shot on the dishes. But one photo would suffice because the food was just so-so only. Well, not much to expect from HALAL Chinese cuisine right?

The 5 year long service award recipients. I've looked through each and every individual recipients photoshoot with our boss, Mr Lee. He striked and maintained a very photogenic smile in almost every single photoshoot with each and every award recipient but there was one exceptional person...

... None other than the 10 year award recipient, our COO of FMCG Division, Alex Chuah. I've zoomed into high resolution version of this photo and found out that some wrinkles can be seen at his eye, showing utmost joy and happiness to congratulate a person who has contributed a lot to his empire. I wished I'm in that position also in years to come. Maybe I can't reach to that level, but maybe relatively near there, at least, halfway there in terms of SALARY would be more than great!

A.U.N.T.Y. Generation... performing some.... ermmm Cheerleading and Pom-pom dance routine.

The Champion Team for the Best Dressed event. They have matched the theme, posed a great impact and controlled the stage and somehow their presence was still felt after the went backstage.

The team which performed an erotic and seductive dance, clad in SWAT/NYPD Police uniform. Somehow they did not made it to the top 3. It was said they got penalized for exceeding the time limit. But was that the reason, or their performance was a bit "menjolok mata"? LOL.

This is my 3rd Annual Dinner with OldTown Group and finally, the dry spell is over as I managed to walk back with something this year. RM300 cash prize during the early stages of lucky draw. And to make things sweeter, the number was drawn by my new superior, my Factory General Manager.

Lucky winner of the grand cash prizes of the Lucky Draw Finale. RM5000, RM3000 and RM1500 respectively while 2 less fortunate ones managed to walk away with RM500

 Somebody still owes us a meal. Prior to the dinner, my makan gang have already "pledged" to set aside a percentage of our prize money if anyone of us were that lucky to win something "big". How does RM3k sounds to you? Hehehe... Even a mere 5% tax would get us 2 towers of beer!!! rawrRRRwRs!!!

The Organizing Committee of OldTown Berhad Annual Dinner 2012. It's great working together with MOST of you. Looks like for next year I will just sit back and relax without being involved in anything, except for hoping to bring back some good cash or prizes. Till then, wait for my next post on the committee's appreciation dinner =)

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