Saturday, October 20, 2012

U-Cha and DingTea

 I should be studying now. But somehow the itch of finding something to binge for supper is a feeling which is hard to surpress. Sitting still and facing the notes is another tedious chore! Can't help but to post a few pictures of a simple post tonight. Bubble Pearl Milk Tea is a common name when you frequent pasar malam. It is a craze from Taiwan which hit our shores more than a decade. But I'm sure most of us knows that the addictive chewy pearls with a QQ texture contains DEHP, which acts as a plasticizer. Yes, DEHP is a term most of us added into our vocabulary when China's melamine contaminated food scandal was known globally. And yet, I still drink this, once in a while. And my drink of RM5.90 has combination of jelly, pearls, aloevera bits which have me chewing on something as I enjoyed meeting up with my university CF friends.

 This is just a random post. I mean, I'm not a frequent Pearl Drink customer. Blindfold me and I cant even distinguish a cup from Chatime and a cup from pasar malam. Seriously, besides the "in" and "cool" factor, I do not understand why Chatime is a hit among the youngsters. But kudos to the CEO of Chatime which is  the master mind to the blooming trend of a pasar malam commodity to a mushroming hit item nowadays. Well, its cheaper than Starbucks if you want to look "in trend" for a meet up session or for their wifi connection. Ya, all in the photo above are guilty of the accused in U-Cha, just 2 shops away from Murni, SS2.

And the night before, I actually something similar. I had the Caramel Milk Tea (RM5.90 - comes with peals) but I choose to add RM1 for some coffee jelly as well. Yup, I love something to bite on. Thats why I always prefer the likes of Snowflakes rather than Chatime. By the way, this was taken in Kota Kemuning's DingTea while I was meeting up with a blogger which I known for few years but never seen her in person before. Yes, the same girl who fetched me to Uncle Jang earlier for dinner. Haha... Just as promised, back to some KL "food", though not prominent ones. I will save the best review for the finale. Happy weekend! ^^

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