Saturday, March 2, 2013

an "oily" affair at Cross-Over, Festival Walk

My hair stylist told me about this new place in Festival Walk, just a hop away from Sushi Zento. My colleagues also have posted photos of this place. And somehow, I ate here twice in a span of few days. True to their saying, the food here very reaonably priced. For example, The Ice Blended series are at RM4.90. Well, not only the ice blended but rather most drinks in the menu would not be more than RM5. Fruit juices at RM2.90 and most hot beverages at around RM3-4, this is the minimum amount you have to churn out should you want to use their space for Wifi. For RM4.90, the Mango blended is topped with mango cubes and "explosive" translucent pearls. These pearls are unlike the typical black chewy ones but this version will release a sour yoghurt filling upon biting them. 

Complemented well with both Mango and the Pineapple. Besides fruity ice blended, they also offer Oreo Blended, Corn Blended, Red Bean Blended.

Fried Calamari is priced at RM5.90 which came in quite big portion despite its relatively cheap price. A portion like this in the famous Ming Wa Seafood in Aneka Selera (Kam Wan), or even smaller will cost you RM10 at least! Tastewise, its slightly bland from lack of seasoning. But the main problem is the batter is very oily!

The same remark can be made to the Fried Prawns with Thai Sauce Mayonnaise (RM6.90). Something must be wrong with the batter of the technique of frying is poor (oil is not heated properly - so the frying process is lengthened, thus absorbing more oil)

The Duck Egg Char Kuay Teow (RM4.90) is totally a nightmare! Not from the taste wise but the coating of cholesterol on the flat noodles. One mouthful and you could feel the aftertaste of oiliness on your tongue. If they could be a bit more sensible in their oil usage, I think the dishes here would be better. Sometimes good char kuay teow do not require a lot of oil to avoid the noodles from sticking to the wok. Instead, the lesser oil which results in charred bits is what draws the line between a mediocre and skilled cook.

I feel this is like the Wat Tan Sang Mein available in most Xiao Chao stalls. The one here is literally translated in to Pancake Noodle (RM5.90). Thank goodness the starchy gravy was there to avoid over-generous usage of oil. Ingredients were quite substantial in portion as a plate similar to this in a typical chinese coffee shop will cost you RM4 at least. Other oriental affairs include Japanese inspired Bento Rice box sets, Noodle Soup, Porridge, to name a few.

Most fried rice here are generic versions from the plain one, just that all have different toppings and accompaniments. Malay Fried Rice (RM9.90) is the most premium of the list which has a sunny side up, fried chicken wing, 2 sticks of satay and some papadam crackers. The fried chicken and the fried rice, are needless to say, oily. The satay is not well marinaded and the satay sauce is already spoilt. There is a sourish taste to the satay gravy which I believe its stale. :(

Bacon Aglio Olio is at RM9.90. I was here few days ago and saw the Cabonara version which has diltuted gravy, which I believe its derived from instant mushroom/chicken soup. The Aglio Olio failed miserably too. Tossed in A LOT of oil (which I don't think its olive oil being used here) and sprinkled with cheese powder, their version of Aglio Olio is badly interpreted from the benchmark. Fresh red chillies and spring onions? Looks like Maggi Goreng garnishing to me. Every single ingredient used did not complement one another. Though most pasta are priced below RM10, but somehow, dining experience (pleasure to tastebuds) must be also to be able to meet some minimum requirements!

There are other Western options available - including burgers and sandwiches which is priced around RM5.90, like the Pork Burger here. Both the pork fillet and fries are oily. I'm never a fan of abuse of mayonnaise but the amount given saved me because the burger was kinda dry. There are chicken chops, salmon steaks in the menu, which is is the RM15-25 bracket. I wouldn't wanna try that since they did not proved themselves worthy in simple stuffs like this.

Cross-Over - food is reasonably priced (for a more decent environment compared to the crowded and stuff chinese coffee shops) and menu is quite extensive. Tastewise is just average for most items, the main flaw would be being too oily. Unless you have picky tastebuds like yours truly, it should be a target during lunchtime as you can easily get a average meal with drinks in a clean, air-conditioned, Wifi environment for less than RM10 since chap fan + fruit juice in chinese hawker stalls ain't cheap nowadays. Will I return after much criticim? Hmm... if price is the factor for a friend's gathering, yes. If I have the full say on choosing where to eat, I would not suggest this place.

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