Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthday Celebration in Italiannies

April 19 marks the birthday celebration of our Sultan Perak and indirectly signifies a long weekend getaway since it falls on Friday this year. This is proven true when the train tickets was almost sold out for that day. I only managed to get the 7am train few days before the departure date. Upon arriving in KL, me and my friends rented a locker in KL Sentral, settled our logistic arrangements and headed to Midvalley for lunch. It's my second time celebrating my birthday in Italiannies and its at the same branch in The Gardens.

Looks like dim sum to you? Hehehe... This tiny morsels are actually Stuffed Mushrooms, one of their signature appetizers. Available in 2 portions, Regular (8 pieces @ RM24.90) and Abbondanza (RM34.90), the mushrooms are stuffed with minced chicken sausage, spinach and herbs. After oven roasted, they are topped with a tangy tomato puree and are arranged on top a creamy cheese sauce. This dish works its way well as it was very appetizing due to the tomato puree but the heavy cheesey aftertaste might be a bit too heavy for an appetizer.

Complimentary foccacia with vinegar dip and balsamic vinegar acted as a palate cleanser instead. And also to fill up the voids in our stomach. Yup, 3 of us only ordered 1 appetizer, 1 main and 1 dessert!

While waiting for our mains, we sipped on the fruity concoction offered - Fresh Fruit Shakes (RM12.50/glass). It was very rare for red apple to be used to make fruit juices. The blended red skins created a nice visual to the drink, very refreshing in both taste and appearance. The lychee on the other side was not too sour and was also on the refreshing note.

We did expected our main to be quite huge in portion and we were right with our Shrimp & Asparagus Alfredo (RM38.90). We skipped the Cabonara because one of my friends is abit sensitive to eggs and we went for this white sauce fettuccine instead. The parmesan sauce was rich and creamy and beef bacons (sorry, no real thing here as its a pork free restaurant) and this dish should be shared! Maybe I am abit too picky.... I think they should do with a bit more herbs as they taste is quite bland despite being creamy.

Prior to our meal here, I keep defended that the Tiramisu (RM19.90) here is better than the version in Alexis because I never felt that the version is Alexis is authentic. I mean how can you find sugar glazed nuts and strawberry sauce in a Tiramisu. Nevermind that. But the Tiramisu in Italiannise taste has dropped abit since my last visit here for my birthday 4 years ago. Perhaps, the service during my visit here sucks - they didn't key in my order and my Tiramisu arrived later in almost lukewarm state. Yes, they do keep to the lady fingers-expresso-liquour-mascarpone cheese-chocolate powder version but somehow, something was still missing. The bill is not cheap for just 3 main items and I would like to thank Christine and Evonne for this belated birthday treat. Really appreciate them as I found out that nowadays, many of us are too dependent on Facebook for birthday reminders. =/ Well, they didnt. They just postponed the celebration a week later.... in conjunction with our KL shopping spree and Genting crash trip. Stay tune to read more about it :)

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