Saturday, May 11, 2013

Morning Breakfast @ The Bakery, Highlands Hotel

Even with the assistance of Panadol Soluble, I think I just managed to catch only 6 hours of sleep the night before. I couldn't help but to feel blur and stoned the next morning. We decided to leave Genting Highlands earlier so that we will have more time to shop in KL later and the other reason was to avoid the crowd in the Genting Skyway as experienced the day before. Having not much choices of food for breakfast here, we opted for a quick breakfast in The Bakery, Highlands Hotel.

Turkey Ham with Onion Quiche (RM7.80) served with a side of greens lightly drizzled with balsamic vinegar dressing. The quiche is somehow below average - more like eating custard/pudding as the egg proportion was too dominant as one could barely feel the creaminess/milkiness of the cheese and cream/milk. The absence of herbs made this a monotonous affair and I really need to depended on the salad dressing to make it more palatable. Isn't it pathetic for a bakery of a 5-star hotel to serve this quality of food?

A friend of mine recommended a bakery here (which I believe to be this one) which serves good premium sandwiches. I think I should give her a piece of my mind for recommendation. This is a Turkey Ham Croissant which is price around RM7-8.

Scones WITHOUT fresh cream and strawberry jam! Damn! It's like eating Satay without peanut sauce and Chicken Rice without the ginger chili sauce! The scone is crumbly but it was far from the ones tried in Camerons. Perhaps reheating could do some justice? A disappointing morsel here for the price of RM3.50.

The Hot Chocolate (its supposed to be a Melting Pot inspired drink) was actually warmed milk with cubes of chocolate dunked into it. Unable to melt and be homogenized, it somehow turned out to be sort of a Milk Shake instead. Good for being adventurous if you picked this drink, anyhow it rewards your curiosity compared to the generic Hot Lemon Tea which I ordered. For RM7.90, I could see the Liption tea bag with a few slices of lemon. Not a pleasant breakfast experience, at least we kissed the cold weather goodbye for this alfresco dining experience and made our way to KL to continue our shopping... and food hunting!

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