Friday, July 12, 2013

Falim House Exhibition

Let's take a break from food.... at least for 1 post shall we? Just after a kopitiam setting brunch in Lim Kopi, I took a stroll down memory lane in Falim House. This huge mansion, located along Jalan Lahat once belongs to tycoon Foo Nyit See. This mansion will be preserved though the land surrounding it is en route to development into a commercial centre called Tin City. Currently, there is an exhibition going on themed "A Tin Mining Family".

It has been opened to public since mid of May and this exhibition is scheduled to go on until early August 2013.

I brought my parents on my second visit a few weeks later and nostalgic memories were recalled when they look into the items of yesteryears. I'm sure our parent's generation will be able to relate well to the photos on display, the list of name of philanthropist who played a vital role in Chinese education in this city, or town back then.

Photography is allowed but with user's discretion on no intentional copying. Posing is okay. But I do admit we are guilty of snapping many close up photos. But surprisingly, there are not many shots taken on the tin mining equipment.

But more on colourful items on display which are a rare scene, or even near non-existence.

Kerosene lamps of yesteryears. There are also stuffs like opium pipes, gambling gadgets, stamps, automobile parts collections and tin mining tools.

Do make full use of certain photo corner which never fails to draw camwhorers like me!

Okay, I can relate to this. Faint and fond memories of the "ting ting" man last time. But the tradition is dying off even when I was a kid, where by McD and Dominos drivers seems to be taking over the unsung heroes of yesteryears who never fail to bring a smile to kids back then, be it a simple ais krim roti or sponge cakes or chocolate wafers.

Camwhore spotted ^^

The flyers of movies of the 60s. Ticket price used to be RM2 that time and it was considered quite posh to bring a girl to a movie date that time.

So there you have it, I can't really describe much on antiques or art gallery compared to food. Why not you drop by before the exhibition is over? It's opened daily from 10am to 5pm. Admission is FREE and if you sign the guest book, you will get a complimentary bookmark as shown above. So, you have something to do over this weekend besides eating :)

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