Tuesday, June 3, 2014

TVB Road Show 2013

Hey I'm back after almost half a year of absence. Seems like blogging is no longer the trend with the surging popularity of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter takes over the trend of the early 2000. Furthermore, perhaps yours truly has not been trying any new food and beverage spots in Ipoh, despite many boutique cafes mushrooming in the sleepy town of Ipoh. The hype kicked start with Burps and Giggles but I was never a fond of Indulgence's chain, while Josephine's enlarged their territory in the form of Jose and Deli while Secret Garden ventured into Ben and Lynette. Not to mention many gourmet and artisan coffee spots sprung up, charging over RM10 for a cuppa. I was like, seriously, are there so many rich people in Ipoh to sustain the market? With the rising cost of living recently, perhaps most, including me, might go for a first try, but is there the purchasing power to sustain business?

Hmm... I'm still holding back on trying those spots, mostly banking on their ambiance rather than quality of food, so don't be surprised this backlogged post is not about food. In the midst when 2013 was coming to a curtain close, me and a few trusted colleagues went to hunt for "stars" instead of food. Since "the Hippocratic Crush" or fondly translated from Cantonese as "On Call 36 Hours" premiering on free TV now, its apt to post photos  of their roadshow in Aeon Station 18 quite some time ago. Most of the same cast were featured in their sequel, with addition of veteran "doctor" Lawrence Ng.

Tavia Yeung, the main actress in the series is very generous in letting out her tears. She don't really need to put much effort at crying scenes, don't you think so? 

She is really thin in person too. You might wonder is her nose real? Well, your guess is good as mine. I prefer her hairstyle in the prequel though.

I prefer Mandy Wong over Tavia Yeung. More down to earth perhaps. And I like her character's cool, strong personality and determination in On Call series. 

Benjamin Yuen came instead of Kenneth Ma. Cheerful personality. However many would prefer Kenneth Ma to come instead of Lawrence Ng :(

 Group photo. Credits to photographer Evonne with her DSLR and hunting for good photography angles!

Next, there was an earlier roadshow, which is about 1 year ago. The hype was all about Julian Cheung making a comeback in one of TVB most anticipated series of 2013, the sequel of Triumph in the Skies. They retain Francis Ng as the main character but seems that Captain Cool is the more favourite character due to his charming looks. Nevertheless, all Ron Ng, Francis Ng and Julian Cheung managed to get equal and astounding applause from the frantic crowd.

Wow the crowd goes crazy about handsome guys, all guys went to frenzy mode when Fala Chen made her appearance on stage. Yes, though who followed the series might not be very pleasant with her flirtatious character of Holiday. Cuteness and sweetness overdose, she also spot a slim figure in real person :D

Photos were taken from my trusted Nikon camera before it died few months later, thus explaining the reliance of my colleagues DSLR on every food or event review. I too ran high and low Kinta City to get a good angle of the TVB stars.

 Can't believe he is 40 years old plus and yet look quite charming and boyish!

Ron Ng never failed to get screams from the females but because of Chilam's apperance, I think he was on a close second spot in term of crowd favourite.

Nancy Wu has a great voice! Singing Hou Lai, that was one of a great live rendition which is so appealing to the ears and serenaded the crowd so much! Famous for portraying flirtatious characters in series, I think Fala gave us a fresh experience on being a "hiao po" instead of Nancy Wu.

 Final picture! Leng Lui and Leng Chai! Look at those dimples!!! :P

There you go, a simple post to keep the blogging spirit and passion alive. After haven't been logging in for few months, I'm so motivated to blog back after seeing my blog has passed the 120,000 page views mark! Thanks for all the followers and I will try my best to update you all with dining experience the next time. Hopefully, as my makan gang seems to be disbanded recently. Till then, let's see how things goes. Cheers!

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