Saturday, April 4, 2015

Toast and Roast, SS2

How is GST affecting everybody's dining out experience so far? For the upper half of eateries which has 6% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge all this while, I think it wont bring much effect to your pocket. I don't understand why people are making the big fuss over the 6% GST on the 10% Service Charge. For a bowl of noodles of RM10 in a 10% SC and 6% GT before the GST regime,you will pay RM11.60 at the cashier. Post GST, for the same bowl of RM10 noodles in a restaurant setting, you will be paying RM11.66. I was like, if you are ready to pay RM10 for a bowl of noodles instead of RM5 for the same bowl at hawker settings, then I guess you should be ready to pay the additional 6 cents now. Though I personally detest knowing that another 6 cents is gonna be spent on somebody's personal gains and lifestyle.

Ok, keep GST aside! What has happened cannot be changed. The only way to change it is  through the ballot box in the next election. So people, please wake up and vote wisely, especially the rural folks and East Malaysia people. Till then, let me introduce to some "affordable" hawker food in PJ area. Named "Toast and Roast", you will never expect Char Siew is their forte behind that "Western" name. Indeed, the Char Siew here is very commendable. Charred and well caramelized with a soft and tender loin meat. A bit too charred to my liking because sometimes, the cancerous bits does fright the daylight out of me. Priced at RM8 or RM9 per plate of the serving size above, this is a hefty price to pay for a coffee-shop like setting. Try counting with me, I think its exactly 12 pieces there! Haha...

The Hakka Noodles seems slightly disappointing in my score books. Okay, I have personal preference for the stewed and oily minced pork gravy to be doused on my noodles with that characteristic lardy aroma. The version here simply did not connect with me. The minced meat is pretty bland. The sprinkling of fried fish skins bits did not really provide much saving grace. The noodles was bland and dry until I need to pour some char siew gravy into it. Priced at RM5 if I'm not mistaken, I felt this bowl of noodles is not worth paying for.

The dumplings (RM1 per piece, fried or in soup) fared averagely but it was nothing to shout about. I think some Liew Fun stalls in Ipoh can provide such standards, if not even better. So in conclusion, I could only generalize that Ipoh (and Penang) is still the hawker food heaven. Though I have tasted really good hawker fares in the Klang Valley, but most of the "famous" ones really seems to be in category lower. Trust the Ipoh people, when we say the food is good, it IS good cause we are picky eaters. Oh ya, my vote for favourite Char Siew in Klang Valley still goes to Spring Golden in Seksyen 25, Shah Alam. Do search back my older post in the Oct 2012 archive on that. Till  then, have a great weekend!

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josephine chang said...

I feel the same.char siew from sri muda is the best!!!