Saturday, July 16, 2016

Unique Seafood Ipoh, Giant Bercham

Finally I made a come back to my post after a long 6 months absence. Things were packed with assignments and tuition as I could hardly find any free time to kill. A lot of backlog post and I have to start somewhere now. And this short post is to share with you guys on the set lunch promotion from Unique Seafood. There are no longer operating in their previous premise in MH Hotel as they have been relocated to Giant, Bercham

The Tillapia is not an option as it comes together with the set. You may only choose the cooking style/gravy. I opted for it to be steamed in Nyonya sauce. The sauce lacked punch due to presence of core ingredients like bunga kantan and daun limau purut was not really felt. Overall it is still passable but nothing really spectacular to shout about.

This is the Kam Heong Kepah. The flavourful sauce coating the clams was contributed by good amount of shallots, garlic, curry leaves and not forgetting pounded dried shrimps. As the strong flavours masked the clams, I could not give an accurate verdict on the freshness. Nevertheless this goes well with rice despite there is not much gravy.

The Salted Egg Prawns was quite well executed. Medium size prawns, around 8 pieces altogether were deep fried before dishing it back for a final coating of buttery-salted egg slurry. The melted salted egg manage to soak into the crispy shell a bit and I enjoyed it a lot biting into the crispy shells and legs before spitting them out again to suck all the cholesterol laden elixir! Every set is capped to 1 prawn dish only. 

You are free to maximize the 3 options from the meat/seafood category but the guilt card is playing deep within me to pick a vegetable dish. The Braised Mushroom with Fish Maw seems to be a good pick among all the options under the vegetable category. Not near perfect but this dish is up to standard like how it normally appears in the wedding banquet menu.

Free soup is also served together making it a 4 dish+1soup combination (inclusive of white rice) which is quite substantial for a table for four. As noted in the poster, items such as towels, tidbits and Chinese tea are excluded. The price of RM88 is inclusive of GST and service charge, but after the miscellaneous items are factored in, the bill can shoot up to near RM100.

There is a banquet hall for wedding. If you are opting for PORK FREE banquet (but no Halal cert so it is not effective enough if you with to entertain Muslim guests) you can view their website for more details. Signing off this post. Hopefully I will be more committed in revitalizing my blog :)

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