Monday, August 1, 2016

Berlin Bier House

I am done with my consecutive posts on Chinese restaurants recently. And for the next few post, the theme will be "PORK". yes!! hashtag #swine or #pork or #babi. And to start the ball rolling, let me do a throwback review on Berlin Bier House. Yes they have been operating for already 6 years in Ipoh and they opened a branch in Straits Quay, this place is still my top pick for some out of the ordinary beers and porky cravings. Price may be slightly steep from your usual cafe dining, but you do get back good stuffs! Else, consider coming on weekdays, brace through the horrific search for parking ordeal during lunchtime and pick one out of the 10 options available which is just below RM20

The first being featured here is the Smoked Duck Breast in Chimichuri Sauce (which tasted like a blend of those HP BBQ sauce, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, you get what I mean) . Served with a side of fries for your carbo fix and cool and crisp salad to make you feel less guilty. The ala carte version makes it a good snack/beer finger food. For a main course, the taste seems to be a little flat. Smoked duck shines as a supporting role (in carbonara, salads, etc) but could not fetch the limelight if given the centre stage

This is the pan seared Hamanchi (sounds Japanese huh? think Tamagotchi. lol) with Tomato Salsa which is one of my mom's perennial favourite. Although there is slight fishy odour, at least you get real deep sea fish and not those Dory fillets. The dish may be tad dry as there is no gravy. the only moisture comes from the tomato salsa, making it appetizing and slightly tangy. Potato wedges paired it to make it a filling lunch

Yellow lighting without much touch up or perhaps the angle problem making you wondering what is under that ring of grilled pineapple. It is actually BBQ Pork Ribs. Depending on the chef, sometimes you get 2 "bones" and sometimes 3 "bones". There is not much meat but the meat literally falls off the bone without you working your way hard on it. Tender and flavourful, one plate is never enough. But if its for a light lunch, it is enough for most ladies. I always put aside my table manners and savour every morsel of meat, raWrrS~ 

Awesomeness and Pork Belly with Teriyaki Sauce seems to be synonymous  and is the personal favourite of yours truly! Crackling skin and the smoky roasted belly meat will satisfy the every carnivorous cravings for pork! Not much different from the Siew Yoke, the teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds made up to the slightly dry texture of the meat. It is not always on the menu as they only have limited portions daily prepared the night earlier. Get your hands on this if you love pork!

Look at that portion of the Grilled Lamb Shoulder served with minty mayonnaise. Need I say more? Grilled to perfection with slightly charred bits. Cholesterol scale gonna be on an uptrend string soon. LOL

Seriously, this is my fourth time to this place for their lunch and I have literally tasted almost every single item from the set lunch menu. For those who felt that the portion of pork belly or pork ribs is not filling enough, the Grilled Pork Burger may be a recommended pick for you. Grilled thick patty of coarsely minced pork has a juicy interior. Some lettuce, onions and gherkins with mustard goes along the warm toasted buttered bun. The sides of french fries will ensure you are stuffed to the brim. Else, I recommend you share this/exchange food with your dining partners.

Last but not least, the Grilled Chicken Chop in Mushroom Sauce would be the right pick if you are not into something porky and you do not feel like going for fish either. The chicken is so juicy and well flavoured (Maggi seasoning perhaps) and it has that smoky aroma just like the McD's GCB chicken thigh. The mushroom is sauteed with fresh cream/milk and you are well assured that no short cuts like pouring canned mushroom soup as the gravy, just like those self acclaimed "Western Food" stalls at your nearby kopitiam will usually do. The meat is very tender and juicy and I couldn't resist to eat the slightly charred skin as well. And next, lets go for some Ala Carte menu...

This is usually not in the menu, though I found a similar representative in the form of Pork Loin in Citrus Glaze. This is actually a promotional item in conjunction with Father's Day. Its RM40 for the night and comes with a complimentary half pint of German beer of your choice. Once the internet connection resumes, I will repost a video of how the liquor is lit up in a glass and the orange liquour sauce which goes along with the pork loin is 'flambe'. The portion is really meant for sharing but if its not because of the flambe, this dish is far from being memorable, just passable. 

How could you not order Pork Knuckle when it comes to German cuisine. they have a half portion (shredded as the photo above, RM38 if I remembered correctly) while a full portion is RM68 (with the bones intact). Served with brown sauce and sauerkraut, the portion is again meant for sharing and it makes great beer finger food. Nevertheless, I still prefer the version done by Healy Mac's. You may still try this out though...

No rooms for sausages or rather I have the craving for ribs! Ordered this Pork Ribs with Bacon Garlicky and I find it to be one of the best dishes I had in Berlin so far! The photo may not be appealing and neither it does justice but trust me, the slightly burnt/charred bacon bits and garlic bits are so addictive! The meat, needless to say is just so tender. This rack consists of 5 bones if I recalled correctly. For RM39.90, this is high recommended for the portion and taste! Other memorable dishes I had few years ago was the Suckling Piglet which is RM100+ for half a piglet, you might wanna come in a group to share out the damage to your pocket if you order that. Else, you would need around RM50-100 per person to have a wonderful meal here (depending on how many pints of beers you pair with your carnivorous feast). If not, try to come on weekdays for the lunch sets. I always do that everytime when I am on leave :)

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