Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Purple Moon Lover Cafe, Canning Garden

After a soft opening post by a netizen went viral, it just took less than few days for this new iconic cafe in Canning Garden to be talk of the people in Ipoh. The younger at heart at least. If you have passed by row of houses opposite Restoran Hollywood, chances that your attention will be drawn to this huge Christmas tree of blue and silver theme at the compound. And I am sure that you are aware that there is no coincidence it is called Purple Moon Lover cafe when it belongs to the same owner as Purple Moon Valley in Bercham and Petite Mary in Ipoh Garden East.

Having tried Petite Mary before, the strategy of style overweight substance seems to work for the chain of cafes here. Besides the iconic Christmas tree at the compound, much details was paid to the interior decoration of the cafe. The artificial greenery at the ceiling coupled with the laminated wooden flooring and wall with warm but bright lighting gives a natural feel yet modern "tree-house" feel. At one corner, there is a book rack which is filled with comics and novels

If you have been to Petite Mary, chances that you will recognize this item which is the cream puffs, as that is the most affordable item in their line up. Slightly pricier here at RM2.50, there are 2 flavours available which are the chocolate flavoured cream and the orange flavoured cream.

The cream is injected upon ordered hence you are assured that your pastry remains puffy when you break them apart and not to mention, the polo-bun-like topping remains crumbly.

Cheese tart at RM5 per piece. I never tried any half baked cheese tart before so I could neither give an accurate comparison nor judgement on the ideal taste and texture.

Nah, you all be the judge and have a look. Definitely not the oozing out gooey type. And not too generous with the cheese filling huh?

Matcha Azuki Slice at RM12. This is more like a mousse cake The centre layer consist of red bean layer encompassing whole azuki with cream. I somehow preferred the version in Petite Mary whereby that is really layers of green tea layered sponged topped with a mini Magnum-shaped green tea ice cream in a chocolate shell. Not being a die-hard fan of green tea, I have no other choice as most of the designer cakes at the display were sold out, leaving only a cute strawberry roll-like dessert (RM15) and an Apricot Chocolate mont-blanc like confectionery. Nevertheless I managed to spot few tables spooning in a dessert which is shaped like an egg-shell.

Beverages here are slightly pricey at RM10.50 onwards unless you are ordering Americano black coffee at RM5.50 or Genmaicha at RM4.50. I tried the Rose Tea at RM10.50 per pot with a surcharge of RM2 for requesting a separate cup only to find out skyjuice could be obtained upon request. Or I should've paid an additional RM3 for a cup of Americano. The rose tea was good though, remain flavorful even after two refills of hot water. And best of all, the tea pot design will be one of your best camwhore tool to update your Facebook or Instagram.

The "head" acts as the cup while the "hood" doubles as a cup lid and also the tea-pot lid. There! Could you see how it works from the two photos above? :)

They have many whole cakes for sale like green tea layer or black sesame layer. And the dessert cakes of their bento sets also feature mostly similar flavour. You draw the conclusion okay :)

Besides the cheese tarts, there are other bread and pastry available in the range of RM2.50 to RM5+. No photos on that because when I was there around 5pm on public holiday yesterday, most bread were nearly cleared off the baskets

And overview of the place during the day. Looks like those Japanese botanical garden right? Try coming on off peak period and you will get the sofa seat by the glass wall. Bear in mind that it could be a little warm from the scorching sun as indoor temperature is controlled by just numerous number of split airconditioning units here and there.

And will I visit again? Probably not if I have the choice. Unless I will come here after sunset to have a feel of it at night. But this place closes around 9pm+ as last order is at 8pm. Till then, early Christmas wishes from yours truly :)

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