Thursday, January 26, 2017

Morganfield's, Empire Subang

This is my second visit to Morganfield's. I had my first try in the Pavillion outlet few years back. One thing about dining here is, there is so many things to try and the portion being quite substantial, there is so much I could try back then. And even with an extra headcount this time, I don't think a guy with two ladies could try much items from the menu. This time around, I was at the Empire Subang outlet for dinner.

From the list of appetizers, my friend had her attention caught in the form of Onion Blossom (RM21.90) - breaded onion fried deep fried into the shape of a bouquet of flowers. Served with BBQ infused mayonaise, this is one of the recommended appetizer/beer food to go along with your booze. We had 3 pints of Blanc for RM84.90 to facilitate catching up and heart-to-heart sharing and bonding session :) 

There is room for another appetizer as this item caught my attention - Crispy Russet Potato Boats (RM20.90) - potatoes are halved and stuffed with sauteed mushroom and melted cheese (its a Monterey Jack, cheddar and mozarrella mixture if I am not mistaken) topped with crispy bacon bits and scallions (a.k.a. spring onions, but since we are in an ang moh place, so I also use atas a bit punya term). If the description (coupled with the picture in the menu) already have you salivating, wait till you have a bite - crispy charred potato skin and the next moment you realizing that you are "pulling" gooey cheese between your teeth. This is really good stuff. No wonder it is featured in their Mixed Appetizer platter.

Pork Ragout and Home Made Meat balls spaghetti (RM26.90) was a slight letdown though. Perhaps the spaghetti was far from being al dente and the texture seems to be too soft for my liking. Coupled with the spicy pork gravy, it seems to be slightly messy. The pork meat balls is slightly pinkish at the centre, not too appealing to me. Perhaps the Aglio Oglio was a better bet? Or maybe we should just stick to meat dishes or burgers instead next time

The forte and pride of Morganfield's lies in smoking their stick ribs with hickory wood to give that distinctive aromatic BBQ flavour. Regardless if you opt for their spare ribs (half or full slab) or back ribs (full slab) only, their meat can just fall off the bones with just the slightest sheering from your fork and knife. Or perhaps the better way to enjoy is to unleash the carnivorous instinct within, by using your hands. There have many generic way to BBQ your ribs - peppercorns, Hickory sauce, garlic and of course we opted for the out of the norm Jack Daniel's glaze (RM69.90)! Side dishes can be changed upon request and you can opt for fries, mashed potatoes, onion rings, coleslaw, tortilla chips and garden veggies. The portion for a full slab of baby back ribs can be easily shared by 2 persons (more if you order other main course)

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