Saturday, August 12, 2017

s.Wine, Paradigm Mall

S.Wine is another restaurant under the B.I.G. umbrella which also hosts brand names like Plan B, Ben’s Independent Grocer to name a few. Making their presence felt at Publika Shopping Mall and Tropicana City Mall, the latest addition this year is located in Paradigm Mall. The decoration and dining ambiance is quite similar to Plan B while the menu, as suggested by its name is comparable to the likes of Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf franchise, which coincidently meets head on with the former in Tropicana City Mall

The Fried Pork Burger (RM32) consists of a crumbed patty of minced pork meat fried to golden brown. While the breaded crust seems the be slightly dry, it served its purpose well in maintaining a juicy centre. The meat patty was not really spiced thus retaining its natural flavor from the minced meat. The toasted  brioche bun was slightly dry too hence diners will need to rely on the house-blended sauce and also the vege-slaw to overcome the dryness. Okay, I don't really think that's a brioche though, its just some dry burger buns with sesame sees of both colours, so they better be abit more truthful in their item description on their menu.

The Avocado Grilled Chicken Pasta (RM30) is a creamy alternative to those who fancy Cabonara-like pasta. Mashed avocado is pureed and mixed with cream to give a rich finish to the angel hair pasta. Served with small chunks of tender grilled chicken thigh which has a good smoky aroma, I will recommend this dish to be shared by at least two persons.

Like the name goes, have a pork-themed feast and pick another main dish from swine. The Chargrilled Jerk Pork Belly (RM30) was our pick and it comes in layers of alternating lean meat and fats. So health freaks will have a hard time separating the fatty layers from the lean. Thus I suggest that you share this dish among a group so that every single friend of yours will have a chance to carry the guiltiness of popping the whole cuts of fatty pork belly inside their mouths! Since we are talking about the fats, it is not really melt-in-your-mouth type but was slightly gelatanious, evident of the hours-long sous vide cooking style adopted prior to finishing it on a grill to get the charred bits. The meat is intensely flavoured with spices and condiments which bear an Asian twist, which is a little bit identical to satay – minus the turmeric. The sides of purple cabbage salad with lychee and pineapples serves as a refreshing tropical palate cleanser

The menu is more really extensive, having around just slightly over 30 items for the mains across few categories such as meat dishes, pasta, Asian cuisines (did anybody mentioned Bak Chor Mee, Nam Yue pork chops and Salted Eggs pork patties?) and sandwiches besides entrees and appetizers.They do have some house-baked pastries and cakes. During my visit, unfortunately, the draft beers were not available as the machine was not functioning. Draft beers are priced at 12 per half pint while bottled beers are from RM20 onwards. The portions were substantial but the items were honestly just above average considering there are so many dining options in Klang Valley. Not too bad but nothing really memorable. P/S: I would've sticked to some Mexican Fares and some cold draft beers in Chillis or TGIF if I know beer is not available that night

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