Friday, February 25, 2011

Weng Seng Seafood Restaurant, hidden gem in Gunung Rapat

My aunty from Shah Alam came to Ipoh just last weekend and gave us a treat. One of my relatives suggested to go all the way to the slight outskirts of town for a dinner. I've no idea and have not heard of this place before. Weng Seng Seafood restaurant is a hidden gem somewhere near Kek Lok Toong. I'm not acquainted with that area despite staying in Ipoh all my life.

To suit my grandma, a tau fu dish was ordered. Kwai Fei Tau Fu, or fondly translated to Queen's Tau Fu by the restaurant, they boast this among their signature dishes on their menu board. Tastewise, there was nothing really special but the tau fu itself is indeed velvety and eggy. A simple "ching" dish for the older folks I reckon.

Another dish featured in the menu is the Indonesian Seafood Claypot. "Swimming" gloriously in the kunyit curry gravy which just had a degree of mild spiciness, one can get generous portions of fish fillets, brown sotongs and prawns with ladies fingers as their "lifeguards". This dish will certainly get you having another helping of white rice!

I'm never a big fan of poached chicken, other than the chicken from Ngar Choy Kai. Ayam Kampung flesh is never my cup of tea. Though the abalone does attract me to grab along one small piece of chicken to accompany the pricey sea mollusk, I didn't go for a second piece. In addition to the chewy flesh, I noticed a faint chicken odour. >.<

Thankfully something more fragrant cleared the potential lost of appetite after biting to the chicken in the form of Nestum Sotong. This time, white squid was used unlike the brown ones used in the curry. The Nestum was given a slight grinding treatment, making it to finer particles, as if breadcrumbs were used to coat the sotongs. Help yourself to the curry leaves too which add a slight crunch and aroma to every bite!

Amidst the fried stuff, dig into another claypot dish in the form of Salted Fish Pork Belly. The Ham Yu Fah Lam Bou here is nicely executed as I like the pork belly to be as thin as possible. The gravy should ideally be sufficient to caramelize the meat and not drench it. This dish is indeed robust in flavour and yes, pork belly with the right amount of fatty layers FTW!!!!

Oh, I missed the photos of our source of fibre, but the vegetables didn't made its mark in my memory. Lastly, we had the steamed tilapia with black beans. I could accept this way of cooking but the amount of black bean used is abit too much. Be moderate with the toppings as it may overshadow the flesh of this fish. Under the right amount, it will be a good complement to the rather bland taste of tilapia flesh. I'm quite satisfied with the meal, and the table of 10 people cost less than RM200. Oh, I've just found out that this place has been in business and reviewed 5 years go. Check out Citygal's review here.

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