Monday, February 28, 2011

Qi Yuan - a new spot for some light dim sums???

Time to evaluate another outlet which serves Xiao Long Bao. These cuties contain meat and broth in a dumpling. Having thinner skins, the ones in Qi Yuan is slightly better than the ones from Dragon-One. The soupy broth came in a considerable amount and was still hot. Slurp in caution while enjoying this!

Though its a shop with cooking theme of Sze Chuan and Cantonese (Kwong Tung) cuisine (thus the theme of "chuan kwong"), it does not fare less in the dim sum selections. You can find familiar dishes like the Har Guen (Prawn Roll) and Carrot Cake. Most dim sum will cost around RM3-RM4. The carrot cake here had a nice texture but could do better with some dried shrimps/ sausages.

Compared to the prawn roll, the Prawn and Scallop Dumpling did not fare as good in terms of crunchiness of the prawns. Most likely affected by the konyaku-like skin, I believe the moisture entrapped inside and the starchiness of the flour used caused the filling to be slightly messy. Though priced reasonably (RM4.50, if i remembered correctly), you can skip this. The Pork Dumpling in Chilli Oil came in 6 bite sized pieces, enough for you to sample it. Passable but nothing to shout about.

For less than RM4 (forgot the price, maybe RM3.70), you get 3 pieces of Char Siu Bao in a steamer basket. The skin of the pau is soft and fluffy, but the slight drawback was I tasted a mild chlorine like smell, probably due to the type of flour used? The filling could be more flavourful as I still get to taste a mild porkish odour of the meat.

Initially thought it was a dessert, The Pandan Leaves Dumpling (forgot the actual name and the price) turned out to be a savoury dish. Instead of having pandan kaya or dessicated coconut as the filling, it encases preserved salted vegetables and meat floss!!! It was indeed a surprise as I thought to end the meal with some desserts already by then.

A cross between savoury and dessert, the Lau Shar Pau is actually a Lai Yao Bao (Corn Custard Bun) with a twist. Incorporating salted egg yolk as partner, the filling turned out to be a winning combination! Best taken when hot, break the bun to check out the oozing filling! Do not scald your tongue in the process. This item would draw me back wanting for more! Perhaps the whole basket for myself! ^^

Another dessert - their Egg Tarts came in 3 but in really small size! Compare with the 50 cents coin by the side. The filling was not too my liking as it did not have the wobbly like egg custard. The "yellower" than normal custard did not ring my bell. Perhaps the flaky pastry did its trick in gaining some consolation marks!

Being a dessert fan myself, I needed some time to choose among some noteworthy desserts being offered. Sorry to the black glutinous dessert, mango pudding, mango sago, coconut sorbet on strawberries, I chose the Mixed Fruit Jelly (RM3.80). With bits of mango, strawberries and watermelon on top of jelly, which I reckon is aloevera flavoured, this is indeed a refreshing dessert. The price is also very reasonable.

Besides all light items, Qi Yuan offers choices of hand stretched noodles. Mostly served as dry version, expect familiar types like the Dan Dan noodles, chilli oil noodles and minced meat noodles. There is also a soup version of beef noodles! Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the food here. I would definitely come for more, provided they are more serious with their business hours. My first attempt during CNY failed as they opened half day without really notifying on the door, which I believe it did made many others disappointed. After this blog post visit, I again knocked on an empty shop to find it closed on a Sunday at lunchtime!!! Though Motormouth's post previously reported their business hours to be from 7am to 8pm, I made a phone call recently before going there, only to be informed their business hours now is only until 3pm. Good that I was not disappointed again after travelling from home to Greentown purposely for this. So, only can try it on weekends for working people.

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