Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RIVER NILE CAFE in LOST WORLD TAMBUN - becareful of getting bashed up after eating their lousy food!

If you think a food blogger got sued by a Curry House by criticizing their food is out of this world, read on to see what is even worse happened in River Nile Cafe and Bistro in Lost World of Tambun. Food critics got bashed up!!!!

After finishing my meal, me and my few friends were busy snapping some photos. When we were almost done, I witnessed a commotion. A few of my church friends' parents got involved with some thugs. One of them got bashed up until laying motionless on the floor. Too afraid in to get involved alone, I stayed in the car and witnessed those involved and try to jot down their number plates. After the police arrived, I got out of the car to be closer. After meeting Jun Yen's dad, I asked anything I could help. The injured person was sent for treatment and I escorted them away to their cars, in case of more thugs coming their way.

The "manageress" which we saw earlier was so fierce and raised her voice in the commotion and acted as if they did nothing wrong when the police interogated. Earlier on, we commented that this woman don't dress up properly as a service head. She was busy attending to a few complaints by other customers before that, one even returned a bowl of soup for exchange. Yes, soups like this, so called Seafood Chowder, which has Crabmeat Filament Stick! Yuck! The Oxtail soup tasted like Adabi Sup Bunjut. Yucky!!!!

The Baked Scallop with Cheese (RM24) but was done half heartedly. The cheese was just melted and not baked. So watery! It looks like baby puke! Though the scallops was fresh but the way of cooking just spoilt it big time. Wasted our money!

My set was a Grilled Lamb Loin. Common, does this look like Loin to you or lamb shoulder? The worst part was, my friend who ordered Butter Mint Chicken got LAMB! an identical dish just like mine! Damn lousy service. Or the kitchen is manned by gangsters?! Dunno how to cook according to customers orders?

The Pasta Marinara also had a Crabmeat Stick. Damn it, we pay RM15+ for this type of shit? The pasta was not properly cooked and had some "flour odour". The sauce is bland and the presentation is just messy.

This is some Prawn Spaghetti. I bet I could find bigger prawns in my plate of Char Kuay Teow. Melted Cheese? Common, use cheese powder la, gangsters! So does my review/critic count? Well, if you can be so unsporting and hire thugs to beat up customers who voice our dissatisfaction of your food, you should be boycotted immediately regardless how good or bad your food is. Remember, RIVER NILE of LOST WORLD TAMBUN, please refrain from patronizing this place. Save yourself from a bad dining experience or threatens of being physically assaulted or possibility of car being vandalised should you complaint their food or service!

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