Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ah Khai's Famous Char Siu, PJ

For lunch on my second day, we headed to PJ to meet up with Je Mein, co-founder and marketing manager for a part time recruitment agency, Your Part Time. He brought us to somewhere in Paramount Garden, in an ordinary looking chinese kopi char bou named Restoran Simon’s Delight (sounds like western food huh?). To be exact, I got this photo from Citygal's post, and got to know that the exact location is in Section 20, Petaling Jaya. Apparently the person behind this stall is an MBA holder!!!

As seen from the stall, Ah Khai Famous Char Siu Chicken Rice took pride with the cut-out from The Star. But let's see how the Char Siu lifts up to its name. Upon arrival, the Char Sius gave a different impression from the stereotype reddish coloured ones. Rest assured that artificial red colouring is used to the bare minimum, or virtually avoided at all here. You are rewarded with sinfully flavourful naturally caramelized charred bits! Remember to finish up the cucumbers to neutralize the carcinogenic effect though! =D

The Char Siu uses lean meat for roasting. A very different part of the swine is used here. The meat fibres resemble those used in stewed pork, resulting in chunks instead of slices of char siu upon presentation on your dining table. We opted for the "bun fei sau" (half fat, half lean). The verdict? I'm not really a fan of roasted meat which has distinguishable layers of lean meat and fat. The tender lean meat was easily seperated from the fat, thus allowing us health freak, me included, to scrap off part of the fat layers. I would prefer those amalgam-ed types of roasted meat which leaves you no choice but to take a bite into virtue and vice at the same time! =D

I'm not really captivated by the Char Siu's here as I'm accustomed to those "siu lam" (ribs), whereby you don't get chunks of lean meat but more of bits of meat which you desperately scraps of from the bone. Perhaps those who fancy lean meaty charsiu's will favour this version. Chicken here is not too outstanding either but passable! You can identify a crowded restaurant here during lunchtime, but again I have to admit again, KL people's taste buds and preference are indeed..... weird different!

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