Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nyonya Colours

Upon my arrival to KL by train, I stopped by Midvalley to kill time before heading to Serdang in the evening. And this time, I managed to meet with Jin Ann over a late lunch break in Nyonya Colours, The Gardens LG walkway. Seriously I had no idea where to dine, though I'm really spoilt between choosing the promotional priced Fish And Chips in Manhattan Fish Market and Paddington House of Pancakes.

I'm surprised to see Nyonya Colours packed to the brim at lunch hours. Many office staffs flocked this place as I understand they offer decently priced meals without you sweating hot buckets under your long sleeved shirt. I was not attracted to try their main meals here. Perhaps I'm not a person who will pay RM10 for my nasi lemak, just to dine in air conditioned space. I decided to try their desserts - Thab Thim Krob (RM3.50). Initially I was shocked to see only a small teaspoon of toppings? Well, I was glad to find more jackfuits and the reddish water chestnuts under the shaved ice poured with coconut milk.

Jin Ann had the Cendol. We haven't been meeting up or really catching up since we left Form 6, so I'm not in the level where I will dig into her bowl of dessert and taste it blatantly. =p But from her comments, the bowl of Cendol failed to deliver.

There was a myriad of colours among the dainty morsels of Nyonya kuihs. I just randomly chose two to tame my stomach while catching up with a long lost friend before searching on what to eat later. Stay tune for my next meal! =D

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