Thursday, May 26, 2011

Capucino Cafe

Ah, finally, one less back logged post! This time, its just a simple review on Capucino Cafe, a cafe opposite Elim Gospel Hall, same row with the M Salim Mamak. Well, do not be mistaken with the Fantasy Cafe along the same street.

The "Ying Yong Pa" (Fish Fillet and Chicken Chop Combo) RM14.90. The chicken is grilled to the right degree, the skin is dry and slightly smoked in aroma but maintained the tenderness of the meat within. However, the slight drawback was the frozen meat came with a slight unpleasant odour. Yes, those typical frozen meat smell. Compared to the chicken, the fish was fresher! I don't think Dory is used here as the flesh is abit flaky. The breadcrumbed crust is fried to perfection without being oily, locking the juiciness of the fish within. Squeeze in the lemon and/or dip it in the orange mint sauce. Lovely!

Black Pepper Chicken Chop (RM9.90). Well, most of the main course can be upgraded to a set meal for an additional RM3 so that you get a drink (peach tea/green tea), soup of the day with a piece or two of garlic toast and some lackluster artificially coloured pudding as dessert

I kinda forgot what sauce is this, but most probably its Oriental Chicken Chop Rice. Hmm... Seriously, I don't really fancy frozen chicken meat being used.

The prawn paste fried rice is another half hearted effort. The rice was too moist and do not have any wok hei at all. And I hate frozen green peas and carrots! Ish....!!! So I think throughout this review, only the fish fillets is noteworthy in Capucino. So much for this post! Looking forward to my visit to EUROBAR tmrw! =D (pending posts next: INDULGENCE!)

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