Sunday, May 22, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market Promotional Sets and Students Privilege Meals

Uncertain of what to eat in Midvalley while waiting for the return train back Ipoh, I finally brought dad to try Manhattan Fish Market considering we had a meal full of poultry, mostly red meat the night before. Besides indulging on seafood, the price is quite friendly to the pocket... Enter lunchtime, you could hardly find a reasonably priced eatery with empty tables in Midvalley.

Then I found out why Manhattan was packed to the brim, not to mention the queue to get empty tables! Initially I thought of ordering the Grilled Platter For 2 - which had the mussels, tiger prawns, calamari and fish fillets with sides of herbed rice and chips. On second thoughts the economical sets are too tempting to resist. Each set comes with a drink (soft drink/iced lemon tea) and a soup of the day

For the first set, we ordered the Quad Delights, a entree platter to savour different items at one go. You get fried calamari, fried shrimps and fried mushrooms. There are 3 dipping sauces to go along - the chilli, tartar and sour cream. These lightly seasoned and battered bite sized items are totally irresistible, my fave being the mushroom+sour cream combination! But wait a sec, how come it's called Quad Delights when this dish is incorporated with 3 items only? =p

Next, we decided to go for some fish. And preferably done by baking/grilling since we had some fried stuffs already. And the Manhattan Baked Fish is the answer. A slab of Dory was baked with just simple condiments - chopped garlic and some herbs and drizzled with some oil. Squeeze in the lemon juice and you can taste the fresh and juicy flesh of the meat to go along with the buttered rice and vegetables. A complete wholesome meal, especially a pick for those health conscious group!

Considering that we have some budget from the two economical set meals, we decided to get something from the ala carte menu. Finally we picked the Louisiana Sauce Prawns. The de-shelled prawns are pre-fried before arranging them on a hot plate. The sauce is poured in front of our very eyes causing a sizzling sound and aroma which grabbed attention from the surrounding tables. The sauce is slightly creamy, abit like your typical cream of tomato soup but with some hints of paprika and other condiments. A complimentary serving of french loaf toast is served for you to dip into the appetizing sauce.

Last but not least, we decided to give them a benefit of the doubt by trying out their desserts. We had the Chocolate Mudpie (RM7.90) and found out that it was quite a small serving but with great fire power! It was very sinfully rich and sweet. Though it was almost slightly bigger than 3 inch by 3 inch, but it proved that it was best shared by two person. The slight drawback was it was preferably ordered earlier so that the staff can "thaw" it. It was slightly frozen when it arrived immediately upon ordering.

So what are you waiting for? Fancy for something more unique other than McD and KFC without worrying to burn a hole into your pocket? Head to Manhattan now. If you are a student, flashing your student card during lunch hours on weekdays will get you sets at RM10 with bottomless drinks. However, I would still strongly recommend the RM16.90 sets, which has a soup of the day and better food. Students only get sandwiches and smaller servings of seafood. =p

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