Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Snowflakes - Taiwanese Desserts

I was at Pavillion again to kill some time before catching my train back Ipoh. Deenie accompanied me since she has finished her thesis. As a mark of celebration/freedom, we decided to go for something sweet after our Char Siu lunch earlier. We wanted to try Godiva Chocolatier but after browsing through the price, we decided to keep that in the future to try with our special one respectively. =) We finally settled for something more economical! Snowflakes - Taiwanese Dessert Secets!

The Cold Snowflake Best Seller (RM6.90) - comprises grass jelly, taro balls and creamer on top of grass jelly flavour shaved ice. I really love the taro balls. They come in 2 variant of colour which taste has a slight difference in taste apart but both are equally gummy and slightly chewy. Its like a cross between ma chee and tang yuan. A very addictive stuff indeed.

I had the soya ice series. Soy powder is used to flavour the shaved ice. You can choose different combination of topping to go along. I had the Kidney Bean+Pearl+Black Glutinous Rice. The combination work quite well to me as I enjoyed all the toppings alongside the Grass Jelly.

Besides icy desserts, you may opt to choose the tou hua series, being served hot or cold. After browsing their website, I would definitely return for more(they have quite a number of branches - Sunway Giza, SS15, Kuchai Lama to name a few) The next time, I will decide earlier before walking to the counter. I would love to try their toh hua with 3 different toppings. And my pick would be Taroballs (of course!), pearls and Ocha Balls! I'm deeply fond of those gummylike balls =)

*Do check out their creative way of ensuring they serve the customers accordingly and how they prompt you to collect your orders. The have this unique UFO beeper which they pass to you after you paid at the counter. Take a seat until the UFO flashes and walk to the counter to collect your desserts. You may view the photo from Motormouth's post here

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