Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not your average Joe

Pork burgers became a hit item for quite some time in the metropolitan foodhunt but I have yet to start my review on single one of them due procrastination of dropping by KL more frequently. I've read many blog posts and many agreed that Nambawan's porky delights still reign as one of the tops. After a light meetup in Nyonya Colours, I was still searching for something to fill up my stomach as a late lunch. In Midvalley, I've tried more or less all of those within my budget in my last 4 years studying in UPM. Finally I decided to give Ninja Joe a try.

With a very limited menu, you are basically left to turn left or right only. Go for the original "Ninjas" or the "Big Boss". Feeling the need to have a meal which enough to keep the hunger pangs away till supper, I opted for the Big Boss. Diameter-wise, the Big Boss is the size of a burger you normally find in McD, and for the "Ninjas", its probably those cheopo-sized KFC Colonel OR Fillet Burger, gone in 2-3 bites. For good measure, I bundled it up with a drink and crinkle cut fries.

For even better measures, I even add on a slice of bacon to go along with my burger. By default, the Big Boss comes with a juicy pork patty, an egg, tomatoes and onions. I do not have any recollection of any mayonnaise but one thing for sure is.... the burger is without any accompanying sauce unlike its Ninja counterparts. Bacon and cheese can be added with extra charges. The pork patty was juicy and had the right proportion of minced meat and fats. The streaky bacon added in a smoky touch to every mouthful. A complete set of bacon added Big Boss is about RM13.

Bear in mind that there is nothing else except PORK! The "Ninjas" is priced at around RM5 to RM6 per piece depending on how many pieces you order at one go. There are various accompanying sauce to differ one from another. (teriyaki, spicy, oriental, black pepper) You can read more from my friend, Sue Ann's blog post here. There are also light snacks in form of shuriken fries and nuggets to try out!

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