Saturday, June 11, 2011

Euro House, a place to chill to end a lousy week at work perhaps?

This is the night where I lay my hands (literally) on the Xbox Kinect for the first time! Well, I thought I could try the Dance Central game but they only had the basic sports bundled games. Okay, lets move on to the food and atmosphere in Euro House.

Euro House is at the premise formerly occupied by Breeze Cafe, opposite Dewan Chin Woo, near Methodist Girl School and behind Ritz Kowloon Hotel. Well, this is blog post will have photos from 3 cameras! As you notice the vast difference in photo quality between 2 DSLRs and my puny Nikon digital camera.

We arrived in here shortly before 7pm whereby there were only a few tables being occupied. You may opt to choose to sit in the bar counter, squarish dining tables with normal height, tables with abnormal height (which we did, with the chairs with higher legs) or laze cosily at the cushioned chairs for those in bigger groups.

Happy Hour is from 5-9pm daily, including weekends. I did not enquire about the validity on public holidays/weekends but it's good news for the working strata to unwind on a Friday evening (provided you have a five day job!). Draft beer (only Carlsberg) is priced at RM8 per glass (half pint) and RM16 for a full pint. Well, why bother taking a full pint? Split it into 2 rounds so that your beer is always chilled, unless you wanna brag about how macho you are taking a gigantic glass. Jug is at RM36 and a whole tower is RM70. There is also Stouts from RM10 per glass. German lager beers are also available.

Before we review the food, I shall applaud the addition of a new DSLR owner in our clan. Yes, the previous 2 photos were taken with her camera And this photo was taken with my new Nikon camera. Sad huh? o.O

I decided to grab Evonne's photos rather than using mine. This is one of the appetizers ordered. Grilled Enoki with Bacon! Yes, BACON! The substantial ingredient popularised by the carnivorous freaks from EpicMealTime (google them or watch them in Youtube). The smoky aroma of bacon coupled with the chewy mouthfeel from the Enoki mushrooms will kick start your appetite.... and also makes a good partnership with the booze!

Next we had the Quasidallas. Quasidalla is actually a tortilla flatbread encasing fillings like cheese (compulsory) and other ingredients like tomatoes, onions and sour cream. Some version does include salsa and avocado. The one in Euro House is fine tuned to suit local tastebuds - being a simpler version which is similar to the Twister Wrap from KFC. It is toasted to have a crispy skin and with the melted cheese oozing out. A light snack and thumbs up to accompany your beer!

Having the sudden explainable craving for smoked salmon, we are spoilt to choose between the salad or the pasta. Ok, finally we decided to give the Smoked Salmon Pasta with Dill Herbs a shot. The portion is not very big, but they are quite generous with the salmon. The pasta is lightly tossed in oil and herbs. It's abit bland on its own but went well with the salmon which was abit on the salty and smoky side if eaten by itself

On the other hand, the Cabonara with Bacon is a very rich and creamy pasta. Maybe I'm budak kampung, but this is the first time having a Cabonara with the raw eggs served separately and unmixed. Yes, you will need to mix it on your own. Its abit geli-ish to some as some might dislike the smell from the raw eggs. Besides that, its also a food safety concern as eggs are sensitive food and bacteria can grow rapidly on the nutrient rich content. Well, if the cream cheese sauce is hot enough, it would be okay by the time the egg is mixed in to get a partially cooked egg-cream-cheese emulsion. If you have overcame the phobia of eating "raw eggs", then you will enjoy this dish with bacon bits and mushrooms which are so tantilizing to the tastebuds! Though the portion is not that big, its advisable not to whack a whole plate of Cabonara on your own. =p

Besides appetizers and pastas, there also serve chops and steaks but with limited choices. We chose the Chicken Chop with Parmesan Cheese but it came out to be not palatable at all. Thats the only flaw of the night, quite a significant one though. The chicken meat have an unbearable stench and it must have been frozen for quite some time. I am very particular on the freshness of meat used as each time I tasted frozen meat, it will make me lose my appetite and wanna puke. Presentation wise, its above satisfactory with mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables - cauliflower, broccoli and carrots with a good brown sauce. Encrusting it with baked/partially melted & cumbly parmesan cheese is creative. Well, if only they did not compromise with the freshness of meat used...

Food wise, I find it to be slightly better than Berlin Beer House. On my second visit with my family, I again ordered the Quasidalla and Enoki with Bacon. Together with a platter of Lamb Cuts, my parents nod in agreement the light food here is not bad.

Oh, finally, a shot from my own camera in which I can boast about its quality! =) The half pint glass and the full pint glass of beer...

The entrance of Euro House. On my second visit tonight, surprisingly there were alot of family having their meals here. Perhaps its a weekend as during weekdays (my 1st visit on a Friday evening) there were more working adults. I'm sure gonna return in the future to chill out with my friends. Oh, and did I mention that the waitress here is kinda cun? The girl next door type.... Awwwww.... ♥~

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