Sunday, June 19, 2011

INDULGENCE.... and my first Macaron experience

Procrastination has affected my blogging qualities recently. Be prepared for a photo blog posting this time as I could not recall much details of every item. But this post promise you a myriad of items, especially a dessert spree at the end. I proudly present to you.... INDULGENCE!

Without further delay, let's move straight into the food (in random order). This is their cabonara - served with calamari and chicken ham and olives. The portion is kinda big but I did not manage to try it. Or put it this way, I'm NOT THAT close with everybody in my table to prick into his/her food, especially HER food, and especially those who are higher ranking than me. =p

This is the Wild Mushroom soup. It is very thick indeed. Served in a big coffee cup, the girls did not manage to finish up this RM15 per bowl of soup!

Another snap shot of the complimentary bread. Coarse airhole but it gave a good bite when served warm and fresh on our tables with the butter.

Pretty ladies with their iced coffee. Pretty chicks get free treats easily huh? Just joking.

For the main coarse, one female colleague ordered the lamb tenderloin rack! Wow!!! I wondered if she saw that coming, I mean, the need to cast aside the feminine side temporarily to enjoy every scrap of meat from the bone. The portion may look abit dainty, but the sides of wedges, poached vegetables will get your stomach filled in no time.

I had the Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin, which is quite similar with the lamb rack in terms of way of cooking and accompanying sides. I requested my tenderloin to be medium done as I do not fancy medium rare. The surface of the meat is well seared, resulting to an impermeable layer which lock the moisture inside so the meat maintained to be juicy inside. I have to commend the ability to prepare it according to the customer's preference as I enjoy sinking my teeth to the meat, just like an Earth's core. Hard on the outside and towards the centre which is slightly raw, its like melting in your mouth.

One of my male colleagues ordered the Chicken Roulade. The version in Indulgence is creatively served in a chopping board. Chicken thigh meat is skewered on a chopstick alternately with potatoes and tomatoes. And as if they are worried you are not full, they even serve you another serving of roasted potatoes on the side and a bowl of greens for good measure! The tangy sauce (supposed to be a derivative of concentrated orange juice) is meant for the salad more than the meat itself.... I think.

Some roasted spring chicken. Got feedback bout the taste being a little "sou" (milky). Well, I kinda expected the way of cooking to be "hostile" to tastebuds which are acquainted with chinese cooking. Taste aside, I think all of us agree that the presentation is indeed creative and artistic, totally live up the the title of one of the best "fine dining selection in Ipoh".

Seriously, for Ipoh, it ranks at the top. Though some may argue that its still in the baby steps of fine dining cuisines, probably in the league of SEMI fine dining compared to the top notches ferom KL and Penang. This is some breaded fish fillets. 3 small pieces. But too many roasted potatoes were served along it. 6 pieces of potatoes. If we are paying nearly RM50 for a main course, please give us our money's worth la

And as I promised, the DESSERT SPREE! The first item to kick start the heaven for the sweet toothed is the Tiramisu (RM14). The Tiramisu here is light and not overly creamy - a good sign that Mascarpone Cheese is used. The sponge layer is thoroughly soaked with expresso but no hint of liquor is spotted since Indulgence is HALAL pork free. I've still yet to taste a Tiramisu worthy enough. Or perhaps its still my personal preference of Italianese's version? Hmmm...

Chocolate tart with full raspberry on top! I had one piece in a single bit! The berry bursted into a very fruity sensation to contrast the rich chocolatey filling! The desserts here are great, except for the price. Imagine rolling a RM5 note, stuff in your mouth and swallow it at one go. =p

This is the Creme Brulee Cheese Tart. Strawberries not included. =p Nothing really special. Just order for fun so reach the quota of amount boss pledged to treat us.

This is the.............. dunno wat cheesecake already. I think its Lemon cheesecake. But I remember it has a double digit price tag. =p

Macarons!!! Priced at RM6.50 each (!!!!). Yes, almost doubled the price of those sold in famous bakeries in KL (like Levain...) I had the Pistachio, Ghana Chocolate and Lemon. Oh, this is my first time having Macarons. Yes, finally the wait is over, without needing to travel far nor fork out a single cent. Warned by friends that it is very sweet, I agree to that. And its best eaten with a cup of tea, preferably unsweetened and without creamer. Good Macarons should have a light and thin shell which breaks easily. I have no benchmark to compare as this is my first Macaron treat. So take it as a pass until I tried better ones in KL.

The Creme Brulee. You might wonder Egg Custard only ma, go Thean Chun and eat la! Well, its different. In Than Chun its called "Dun Dan". In Indulgence its called Creme Brulee. Different wan. You dabao egg custard over to Indulgence and eat, automatically it will be called Creme Brulee. Get the jist? =p

This is one of the many Chocolate Brownies available. I think my colleagues went for something more conventional, just plain chocolate brownies, though there are many derivatives such as Apple Cinnamon, Figs and Dates, etc. Brownies is just passable, abit dried up. I prefer those doused with melted chocolate to give in the moisture.

Macarons in all glory on display! The limited flavours still lie inferior compared to the myriad of colours you see from the shelves of Levain.

Some strawberry shortcake???

Many types of cookies, chocolates and muffins available too to accompany your favourite afternoon cuppa.

The wine cabinet.

Decors on display


This is an unfinished post. Bear with it. I will finish up elaborating on the last few pictures. I will post this up temporarily without any colours/fonts highlights. Well, with all those photos, you would've found your self indulgence in Indulgence rite? Needless for my text. =)

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