Saturday, June 25, 2011

Secret Recipe's Lamb Shank - noteworthy of praise, or otherwise?

This dish carries the Best Lamb Stew Award 2001”. Does it justify the title. I was and always will be a skeptic on franchised chain stores. Besides fast food, I always doubt the quality control of the food when it comes to franchising. Different shops will have a variance in taste, most of the time, intentionally occur during preparation of food. at RM24.90, the portion is commendable. The slight drawback would be the 20 mins wait for this dish! And upon the first bite, the meat was just 'lukewarm'. Perhaps the thawing was not done properly or food reheated using microwave tasted just like this! Even the mashed potato and the gravy are cold. Things could have been much better if the staffs were passionate about serving the best possible to the customers. If the lamb shank is not properly prepared/reheated yet, then don't scoop the mash potato on the plate so fast! Now this is what I mentioned earlier, the problem about franchise. Sigh...

This is the Chicken Cordon Bleu. I wondered if they changed the recipe to it. The chicken fillet looks so much browner compared to the picture. If I'm not mistaken, few years back, I remember eating one which is breaded and golden brown, just like the appearance of a typical Chicken Maryland. Could it be they have altered the coating or its way past the mark the oil used for frying should be changed? Tastewise, still passable, the chicken meat is tender with generous amount of cheese oozing out. Ham is used in the version here, which I prefer to sausage. Another noteworthy one is Moven Peak - their portion is humongous with creamy Cabonara-like gravy! deadly!

This is a snapshot of my all time favourite Chocolate Indulgence. Alternating layers of white chocolate and dark chocolate cream on dark chocolate sponge base coated in velvety smooth melted chocolate finish! Ok, to be fair, SR still serves good cakes!

I gave the benefit of the doubt to the Cake Of The Month. They are currently promoting (this was in May) the Chocolate Berry Cheesecake! Raspberry jam is glazed on the surface as well as in the middle of the two layers of cream cheese! The thin layer of chocolate on the top escalated the richness of this cake. Portion of this slice is way smaller compared to those cake which incorporate a lot of cream in it. But its totally satisfying and comforting! Perhaps, the reason we head to Secret Recipe should just best maintained as "cakes only". =)

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