Friday, July 1, 2011

New Kids On The Block!

Hehe... I think this is a filler post to make sure I have regular postings. Well, by looking at the cinema schedule, you should have noticed that Transformers 3 is THE in-thing now! And now I'm promoting "X-men Merchandises". And I wonder are these pizzas still available now? Domino's are currently (with reference to 3 weeks ago) running the 3 new flavours - First Class pizzas. Surcharges of RM3.50 applies on top of your standard pizza prices. The specialty to this would be PESTO sauce is used in replacement of the tomato puree. To keep it simple, PESTO is actually made from pounded garlic, basil and olive oil to form a paste. Normally you will find it an accompanying sauce for roast beef, pastas and potatoes. I find it works well on pizzas too for a change. Though some may not like the pungent smell of the basil, the aroma of the garlic and olive oil complemented well with the pizza.

Spotted some promotion recently. Buy a pack of Cheerios and get a 150g Honey Stars for freeeee... The last time I had Cheerios was the free pack Nestle sent to my house. =) Its abit too pricey as I will go for Koko Krunch Economy GIANT pack for my morning breakfast. But RM9.90 Cheerios with a complimentary Honey Stars worth RM5+ is a steal. Yikes, looks like my blog have a tendency to be a housewife category already!

Another proof that I'm slowly to think like housewives. I got my hand on the "new" Nestum with Fruits just because I wanted the free container. Well, trying it out seems to be a secondary purpose. The same was done to the Milo Sejuk, I just wanted the free mug. Well, at least it served its purpose as a temporary fill of my hunger pangs in office, due to irregular lunchtimes. MAN-MADE irregular lunchtime, causing me to have mood swings!

All this will be coming to an end soon. Working life would make a turn for the better soon. Finger crossed. It wont be smooth, but I reckon these small blessings God has bestowed unexpectedly in my life makes me feel like biting into these sweet little fruit bits. Till then, have a great weekend! =D

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szeling said...

free container free mug, typical auntie larr weii.. :P