Sunday, July 3, 2011

Curiosity kills the cat! o.O

With such title, I'm sure you are waiting to read on how this new Japanese Restaurant didn't made its mark. Japanese and Korean restaurants have been mushrooming in the last few years, spinning more than 10 different restaurants in Ipoh Garden East itself. To survive this race, you must have a few plus point to stand out. Else, the giants like Kizuna and Akamomiji might have the upper hand for their branding and being in business for quite awhile. Daro Japanese Fusion Restaurant is opened just next to Greentown Noodle House, away from the cluster of Jap restaurants in Medan Ipoh Bestari.

Unfortunately, Daro did not capitalise from its advantage to be away from the top few Jap restaurants. Though strategically located, Daro self destruct by poor taste of food. The mixed appetizer platter (RM12) comprised Seasoned Scallop, Jellyfish, Baby Octopus and Seaweed. The items were abit too cold, taken straight from the fridge, resulting into a "stiffer" mouthfeel. Sometimes, its all these small factors which make or break a good Japanese restaurant. Like I always stressed, its important to have passion when preparing your food.

A half hearted effort of compromising on food quality will result into partial satisfaction and customers will not return for more soggy seaweed sheets on handrolls. The California Temaki did not make its mark.

The Salmon Sushi did not get my nod in approval too. The salmon is too thin and a bit stale in taste.

The tempura Udon is failure too. The soup is very salty. The tempura is served together inside the bowl of soup. I would prefer it to be served seperately. What's the point of eating soggy tempura? Besides that, the weirdest choice of vegetables like capsicum, ladies finger and carrots are used. Enough said. RM12 for this? Give me break!

This is the Chicken Tepanyaki Bento. Chicken thigh with a layer of fatty skin grilled to semi-perfection. Taste was kinda bland. Potato croquette was also soggy. Not much to comment on a bento which is of Jusco Food Court standard.

The spider roll. Very stingy in the portion of soft shell crab. Sloppily prepared. Even sushi king might serve a better version.

Gyoza. Managed to score a weak pass. Marks loss because the filling is not juicy but SOGGY! Hmm... In conclusion, this is one of the worst Japanese restaurant which I dine before. Hence I strongly DO NOT recommend you to try this restaurant. Go try Hokkaido instead, another newly opened Japanese shop in Bandar Medan Ipoh Bestari.

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