Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dragon One, Two, Three.... and more revisits =)

At the rate of my patronizing, I guess I have a hard time figuring out new places to try. New places within my budget that is. Hence, its not surprising if I make a revisit to old eateries, especially an on-going promotion is going on. Currently (I think until end of July) Dragon One is having a contest and a promotion. Spend a minimum of RM50 in a single bill on weekdays and you are entitled to a contest entry and a free item the next visit. The free item varies for different days in the week. Oh by the way, I wonder what is Pretty Lady Bun (Yi Lai Bao)? The free coupon is still in my wallet, anybody interested to share the meal with me? =)

For the review on the previous visit, do click HERE. A good reason for me to return here is for their fried rice. I simply love their fried rice. Fluffy and grainy. Its neither too dry nor too wet. Though it doesn't have the wok hei (heat of the wok) like many dai chow stalls, the fried rice is very appetizing and good on its own. Sometimes, the simpler the dish, the harder it is to master it. We had the Salted Egg Fried Rice (RM9.80) this time around, but still prefer the Wolfberry Fried Rice(RM6.80). One portion is best shared by 2-3 persons to keep your stomach for other items.

This is some fried item consisting of diced shrimps and squid paste. Personally, the squid paste did not appeal to me as I find it quite "messy" cause the filling is too moist. I would recommend the Mango Prawn Roll instead.

Since I reviewed their Xiao Long Baos and Fish Balls previously, they serve Gyoza here too. 3 pieces for RM3.80 if I'm not mistaken. Barely passed, nothing to shout about. Their Char Siu Bao on the other hand is not bad. The filling is caramelized with honey.

This is the La Mein with Prawn Dumplings. You can opt for the original Shanghai Dumplings which has a mixture of pork, prawns, mushrooms and chestnut (I think). The noodles were cooked to a just right texture with a minimum flour aftertaste. The clear broth has very minimum MSG after effects too. RM8.90 for a bowl. Recommended for sharing. A good choice to have some soup if you feel the fried and steamed stuffs are a bit dry.

For dessert, we had a few different items this time. Yes, we redeemed our free fried avocado with kataiffi. Durian crepe is currently not available though perhaps due to the limited stock in the market. We gave the Black Sesame Balls a chance but it did not met up to the expectation. The frozen glutinous rice balls are not properly thawed. Perhaps it should be cooked slightly longer as the outer surface was gummy but the inner part was a bit hard. Somehow this item was one of the few flaws.

The mango desserts deserve a special mention though. I forgot their exact names. But the one without the shaved ice is far better. The "Snow Ice" version is more on the refreshing side. You get mango cubes, those "frog eggs" jelly.... and the best part is... the ice is made of mango flavoured water. Yes, at first I thought they just douse it with mango puree/cordial/syrup only to find it is homogeneously flavoured from the exterior to the very core of the shaved ice structure.

The "sai mai lo" version is better. You get thick mango puree WITHOUT a single presence of ice. The shiny little particles are sago and pomelo flesh. This version is more on the sweeter, thicker side, bursting with mango fragrance from the cubes of ripe mango! I would prefer this version anytime compared to the shaved ice. Will certainly return for more! Perhaps a whole bowl for myself WITHOUT sharing basis!

The Herbal Tortoise Jelly with Aloevera was just average though. Perhaps totally overshadowed by the majestic golden mango dessert... The jelly is abit mild on the "bitterness" and "herbal" scale, did not make its mark. So that sums up of my return trip(s) to Dragon One. And I shall return for more =)

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