Friday, July 15, 2011

Promotion at Kok Thai Restaurant

Kok Thai is not a name which is a stranger to most Ipohians. Currently, they are running a weekday promotion throughout the month of July. Its already my 3rd time patronizing them since they launched this promo. There is a daily promotional dish priced at RM8.80. Monday, you get Steamed Tilapia (you can opt for a few style), Tuesday Shark Fin's Soup, Wednesday Victory Chicken, Thursday Assam Prawn and Friday Shatin Spring Chicken (if I remembered correctly). Today I shall review the specialty of Wednesday: Victory Chicken (direct Cantonese translation), which is actually a typical roasted chicken dish you normally find on wedding banquets. The chicken has a very crispy skin which requires meticulously showering of hot oil. Yes, bathing the chicken with hot oil instead of immersing deep in a wok of oil. This will ensure a crispy exterior with a moist interior with juicy flesh! Rm8.80 for half a chicken, served with some prawn crackers, typical Chinese wedding style.

This is a dish which is quite special too. Stewed Duck (Lou Ngap). Not really sure whether the duck is pre-roasted or pre-fried before braising/stewing it, but one thing for sure is, the meat is tender. The sauce is like a caramel coating, savoury and abit "gum" (tinge of herbal or from orange peel). You can see mashed black beans (tau see) randomly coating the duck. The best part would be eating with your hands and sucking the ribs which has a lot of bones. RM35 for half a duck.

Braised Tau Fu with Beanskin and Ginkgo Nuts. A piece or two will be good but too much of these will make you jelak real quick. The taufu is of big chunks and I think I would be better if they make it into smaller pieces. The beanskin absorbed the flavour from the gravy very well. (RM10)

The answer to your fibre needs is met by this mixed vege dish called "Fah Hoi Foo Kwai", literally translated into Flower Blossom, Prosperous. From the photo, you can see a mixture of snow peas, celery, lotus root, brocolli, carrots, water chestnut and mushroom with addition of dried shrimps and macadamia nuts for an added crunch! Dad's favourite dish but a bit pricey (RM16). I prefer the Stir Fried Qing Loong-Beansprout-Enoki (RM12) from the previous trip here. The steamed Tilapia in Bean Paste Sauce also not bad (RM8.80). Will definitely come back for more on Tues to try their Sharks Fin Soup at RM8.80 per bowl (singular serving)

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