Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden Chinese Restaurant

I have noticed this Chinese Restaurant in the Star's advertisement and found out its just situated next to Euro House. I did not really read through any review nor receive any flyers of on-going promotion. Have you heard of Garden Restaurant behind Ritz Garden Hotel?

The picture featured in The Star Metro pullout made me wanted to experience the ambiance of this place. The restaurant is divided into 2 areas. A fully air conditioned section and a open area with a high ceiling. The open area is a smoking area but the well ventilated area is cooling and have fresh air constantly flowing in.

The opened area is well lit and has traditional Chinese decor of paintings, lanterns and calligraphy art.

They are having set affordable lunches, targeting the office group during lunch break. Else it will be tough to survive to see a few tables only throughout the period i was dining here on a Monday evening.

Stirfried Garoupa Fillets with Ginger and Spring Onion (RM30). The fish slices were not to chunky but its not a skimpy portion either. For the amount you pay, you get a lot of firm fish slices and not bits and pieces. However I felt that the fish has a slight fishy smell. Perhaps they should be more ginger slices to mask the faint fishy smell. Furthermore it is lacking of Chinese wine. I rate this dish slightly below average as it lack a distinctive fragrance a typical Keong Chung Yu Pin should have.

This is some innovated rendition of Marmite Chicken. Ginger slices were "wrapped" with boneless chicken and deep fried. Coated with a caramel like savoury glaze, this dish is quite okay. RM12 for the portion above.

Initially the name kinda caught my attention. Stewed Pork Belly with Lotus Root (RM13). It turned out to be quite a failure. The layers of pork belly did not absorb the gravy well. The lotus roots were still quite hard. The contrasting mouthfeel of the pork belly and lotus roots failed to work their chemistry.

The Spinach in Superior Stock (RM10). Served with fried silver anchovies, century egg and salted egg yolk, this dish made its passing grade. However, the overall verdict was, just a mediocre restaurant in terms of food.

Well, it will be a uphill task for them to keep up with business. Perhaps they should brisk up with the promotion and publicity and improve the taste of certain dishes. Wish them luck!

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