Friday, July 29, 2011


We had an unfortunate detour and ended up in this place. I have no intention trying out this place all this while but Nakhom Pathom's Thai Wong disappointed me again by not opening his shop. His rests day are quite unpredictable. The cravings for Thai Food was so strong and I decided to take my makan gang to Ah Oh's Thai Food (next to Hot Trax, same row with Waraku). In the end we somehow skipped that decision as from the outside, the shop looked abit gloomy and there were not a single table occupied. No new spot sparked in our mind at that moment and finally we decided to try out BOWL.

Similarly, we were the second table of the day in BOWL though its already near 7pm. The menu here is rather limited and simple. Most items are somehow identical to one another or just a mere derivative.

The complimentary "appetiser" of blanched beansprouts and pickled onions. We were supposed to mix them up with the cili padi, chili sauce and the..... erm, sweet sauce. We were not attracted to try it so we thought of an alternative usage of this platter.

The BOWL appetizer supper set platter (RM16.90) came first. It consists of mostly fried stuffs. The chicken wings is the one which is slightly above average. Well marinaded and not too dry, its tasty but simply forgettable after that. Same goes to the wantan/money pockets and the spring rolls which was a big soggy from absorbing too much of oil.

The popiah which is something like a "Vietnamese Roll" was not really good either - incorporating carrots spoils the mouthfeel as I was expecting something soft as I sink my teeth, only to bite into tough sticks. And I've mentioned always, I am biased towards the usage of surimi crabsticks!

My friend's bowl of.......... Bibin Rice. A Hakka Lui Cha, Vietnamese Mong, Malaysia's Nasi Ulam and Korean's Stone bowl rice inspired dish. =.= The chopped mixed vegetables provided a refreshing first mouthful... but on subsequent tablespoons, it was kind of a drag to finish the whole portion.

The Seafood Noodles (RM7.90) - also somehow bland. The usage of crab meat sticks and Panda faced fish cake makes me doubt their credibility and passion in serving GOOD stuffs.

The chicken noodles- tasted somewhat bland. (RM5.90). My friend has trouble finishing the whole portion. Yikes~ I'm a firm believer that "health food" normally doesn't taste good. Perhaps I'm used to a robust flavour.

My bowl of beef noodles - Beef slices were far from being tender but was thinly "shaved". The broth was indeed hearty and quite robust in flavour. Other than that, nothing really spectacular for your taste bud to register it in your memory.

Oh they use some kind of noodles which are not so commonly found. A cross between Hakka noodles and kuay teow. I do not have an idea wat is the actual name. Anybody knows?

I would rate this place below average. I would recommend you to V-nam for more authentic Vietnamese delights. Lesson learned, MOST fusion theme restaurant just produce an amalgam of the shady sides of both world, cooking up disaster.

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