Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Supper tonight... with BACON!

Addicted to the Grilled Bacon with Enoki Mushroom. This is definitely a good light bite to complement your beer. The cravings came after I tried it in Eurohouse. Hence, I got some streaky bacon from the supermarket. Streaky bacon is the preferred cut compared to back bacon because the alternating layer of fats and meat is the best part. The oil from the fats of the bacon give a tantilizing aroma when grilled to perfection.

Some skill of wrapping the bacon on the enoki mushroom is needed. Mom is better in this task as her fingers are more delicate. Pan fry it under low to medium heat and this is the final outcome. Yummy~

From my side I was preparing something heavier. Streaky bacon is pan fried and then cut into bits. Garlic and shitake mushroom is sauteed. Bacon bits is then added back into the pan and pan fried till its fragrant. At the meantime, cook some instant noodles (since I do not have spaghetti in hand). Blanch it and arrange in a plate while you prepare to simmer the cream of mushroom. To get a thick gravy, use only around 5 tablespoon of water to prepare one sachet of instant mushroom soup.

Arrange and serve and dig into a fattening supper tonight! Bon apetite with BACON~

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