Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chocolate Galore

Bought this for a surprise gift for dad. A compensation for him being left alone at home for 3 days 2 nights as me and mom went to visit my aunty in KL and proceeded to Genting. TOBLERONE Fruit and Nut 400g is indeed a rare sight. Despite the price tag of RM40.90, I decided to give dad a treat. It may not be worth that price since the plain milk choc and white choc bar of 400g cost less than RM30. For the exclusivity, I think its worth a try... Still have not tried it yet. Hopefully its good. =)

The whole collection of chocolates in my house now. The Old Jamaica Rum and Raisin cost me RM19.90 now. Is really overpriced! A year or two ago, I got it for RM15.90 only. The cravings is too great to be satiated. Have to fork up a few more bucks to have a taste of alcoholic cocoa taste melting inside your mouth. And I miss Bounty too!!! Got a small bar at RM6 - 3 small pieces. Too bad, no Milky Way sold. Hoping that Jun Yen and Joanne will bring me some nice chocs from Australia when they are back end of this year =)

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